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HI Please can you chech my vocabulary words if they are correct? Why don’t the British cycles? Only a quarter of the estimated twenty million bicycles in the country are thought to be in (58) …….. use. In Denmark, which is flatter but no darker or rainier than Britain, twenty percent of all journeys are made by bicycles, while in Britain the (59) …….. is only 5%. The government are trying to (60) …….. this. It is hoped that a grant of millions of pounds from the National Lottery will (61) …….. more people to use their bikes. The money will be used to (62) …….. for a 6,500 mile national network of cycle tracks. Britain needs to (63) …….. environmentally friendly scheme such as this. The southern third of the country is one of the most (64) …….. areas of the world. Environmentalists make it (65) …….. to build new roads, and (66) …….. roads are overcrowded. One official committee described the growth of motor transport as “possibly the (67) ……. environmental threat to the UK”.The (68) …….. of building the cycles tracks is to motivate people to use their bicycles instead of their cars. However, the new tracks are being built (69) …….. cities and not through them. This (70) …….. that only long distance journeys may be easier and safer. Those cyclists who want to (71) …….. inside cities will still be in danger of (72) …….. their lives on busy roads every time they use their bicycles 58. A. regular ++B. right C. normal D. proper 59. A. size B. portion ++C. figure D. part 60. A. succeed B. improve ++C. excel D. help 61. A. support B. activate C. boost ++D. encourage 62. A. cost ++B. pay C. give D. afford 63. A. do B. commence ++C. introduce D. make 64. A. full ++B. crowded C. occupied D. loaded 65. ++A. difficult B. uneasy C. stiff D. rough 66. A. left B. prevailing C. living ++D. existing 67. ++A. greatest B. hardest C. grandest D. strongest 68. A. design B. function ++C. aim D. course 69. A. from B. in C. among ++D. between 70. A. tells B. says ++C. means D. defines 71. ++A. travel B. wander C. tour D. follow 72. A. expiring ++B. losing C. missing D. terminating
May 21, 2016 4:00 PM
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Why don’t the British use their cycles?
May 21, 2016
I am not sure who presented this passage for you to choose vocabulary but I need to point out that the grammar between the blanks is poor. There are a lot of mistakes in the beginning of the passage. 58. regular 59. figure 60. improve 61. encourage 62. pay 63. commence OR introduce 64. crowded 65. difficult 66. existing 67. greatest 68. aim 69. between 70. means 71. travel 72. losing
May 21, 2016
I should choose which one is the correct answer and other three are not correct
May 21, 2016
Why are there four answers for each case? Were you supposed to order them? Or to come up with 4 possible answers?
May 21, 2016
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