Paulo Ribeiro
Professional Teacher
What are some alternative ways I can ask my 3 y.o. to do some activities with me? Just brainstorming some ways to express the same simple idea. Please, besides making corrections of the grammar, I would like you to comments about how natural would any of the ways I wrote would be and each ones you use the most, and most importantly I would love to hear your own sentences and expressions, the ones you use on a daily basis. Direct: Let's water the plants with the watering can. Will you join me in watering the plants? How about helping me to water the plants? Please, help me to water the plants? Are you helping me to water the plants? Would you like to help me to water the plants? It's time to water the plants, let's go! Let's go water the plants. Indirect: The plants look a bit dry. I think they need a bit of water, don't you think? I was wondering if you feel like watering the plants right now! Grab the watering can/pot. How about grabbing the watering can and give the plants some water. They look thirsty/dry.
Jan 19, 2017 2:04 AM
Answers · 2
You've done well. It's a very comprehensive list. Here are just a couple more. Do you want to help me water the plants? Do you think we should use the hose or the watering can to water the plants? Do you want to give the plants a bit of a spray, they look dry. The plants might die if we don't give them a drink. It must be hot, these plants really do need a drink of water.
January 19, 2017
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