Is well translated into English? está bien traducido al inglés? Thank you mom for listening to me, advising me, for fighting for me, for giving me your beautiful shoulder so I can cry on it, and share your tears and then smile because together we had found the solution. Thank you, Mother, because you have fulfilled my greatest desire and perhaps the dream of my life, because you have suffered whole days and nights in doing your best so that I can be happy. There is so much that i would like to write, that the ink would run out. But I know that my lips could never stop saying everything I feel for you, everything I have to thank you for; Nor would my heart ever stop loving you, because on that day it would not stop. mommy , thank you, Just thanks and remember that I love you
Feb 12, 2017 6:35 PM
Answers · 1
It's OK. 'doing the best' should probably be 'doing your best', and the phrase 'It is so much what I would have to write' is a bit odd. Did you mean something like 'There is so much that I would like to write'?
February 12, 2017
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