Vitalii Murashov
What is your best way every morning to prepare yourself for a productive day before you go to job? What is your best way every morning to prepare yourself for a productive day, before you go to job? How do you wake up yourself and shake off your sleepy state of your body? What is your best recommendation on this topic. As for me, I find it very useful to walk outside around 5km to start a good day, but it's not always possible.
Feb 13, 2017 12:48 PM
Answers · 5
Wake up at 5 am, have a nice breakfast and a cup of coffee, then make sure you are ready for the day by 6am. Every single day. Well, thats what I would do anyway.
February 13, 2017
Getting up at exactly the same time always helps! As someone who doesn't like coffee I can't enjoy a caffeine boost, so I need something quite sugary as part of my breakfast. Also, having a shower as soon as I wake up leaves me feeling energized!
February 13, 2017
As walking outside is usually not possible, working out a little bit like 15 minutes while listening to radio or a great music which energize me. And plus starting my day with first glass or cup of water+ and maybe a fruit like an apple or banana. A breakfast which contains bread, omlet, cheese, джем, cup of green tea or a nice beverage with different edible herbs and ...(not all in one meal) it changes. It's better not to have a routine for your breakfast. Although if you're exhausted, nothing can help, you gotta just drink a cup of bitter coffe plus breakfast. :))
March 26, 2017
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