What is the "nach" I'm thinking of? I heard "nach" meant "according to"; but what does this mean? Does this mean "according to" as in "According to what _____ said, ____ is true."? Or is it more like the following?: We will search according to color. (This use of "according to" feels wrong, because "by" feels better). But could you use it like this? Even on iTalki it says "Nach Sprache suchen".
Feb 19, 2017 7:18 PM
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nach as a preposition has only two meanings: nach => directive =>> to (Ich fahre nach Frankfurt.) nach => temporal =>> after (Ich besuche meinen Freund nach dem Unterricht.) (Nach einer Stunde .....) In addition it can be used -connected to some verbs- with different meanings: fragen + nach = ask about / suchen + nach = look for / nach meiner Meinung = in my opinion etc
February 19, 2017
In some cases you can say "nach" for "according to" but it can also be used as "after". But there are other cases where "laut" or "nachdem" is used. It is hard to say without a specific example sentence, but for your sentence: Laut dem was ____gesagt hat... Nachdem was____gesagt hat... According to what ____said... Up to this point it is the right translation. (can't finish the sentence since the build up would turn over the whole sentence) "We will search according to color." - no. Here it is used as in "We will search for the color." Wir werden nach der Farbe suchen. "Nach Sprache suchen" would translate to "Search for language"
February 19, 2017
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