みんなさん、こんばんは.Would you like to help me with these questions? みんなさん、こんばんは.Would you like to help me with these questions? 1, 佐藤さんは李さんのことを愛している.Why I could not put this sentence in this way: 佐藤さんは李さんに対して愛している. 2, The following is a quotation of the comments on a movie: What Gosling’s Seb and Stone’s Mia share is a commitment to the past —a place where, supposedly, dreamers dream their dreams awake. But which dreamers dreaming what dreams? Why do white Americans often so wistfully return to the era before federally mandated desegregation, voting and civil rights? I cannot understand: “which dreamers dreaming what dreams?” What does this sentence mean? Could you analyze the sentence parts for me? Thank you very much for you time. ありがとうございます.Can we be friends? :)))
Feb 24, 2017 11:07 AM
Answers · 4
This sentence is a play on words. 'Which dreamers dreaming which dreams?' Which dreamers: Who are the people who are dreaming? Which dreams: What are their dreams like? Maybe in Japanese we could say: 夢を見る人はどういう人で、どういう夢を見ていますか?
February 25, 2017
February 26, 2017
"佐藤さんは李さんに対して愛している"和“我爱对于你”一样奇怪。在这里没有目的语。(日语里一般地目的语在助词を的前面。 英语的提问是我也不能回答的。请找会英语的朋友们。不好意思。
February 25, 2017
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