“提供价格激励”是什么意思? 我今天读了关于碳交易的报道。在此报道中说,“碳排放权交易市场是解决全球变暖问题的最有效途径,它即为减少污染提供了价格激励,又为发展清洁技术提供了利润动机。” 在上边的句子中,“为A提供价格激励”是什么意思? 请大家多多指教!
Nov 1, 2017 4:20 PM
Answers · 2
提供价格激励 literally means provide a boost in the price. The Chinese was translated from English and personally I found the translation a bit awkward. The source text is: "The program is the most effective way to address global warming as it creates a financial incentive for reducing pollution and a profit motive for developing clean technologies." So the sentence in the source is: "it creates a financial incentive for reducing pollution" Reference: 希望對你有幫助。
November 2, 2017
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