RECORDING - 45 SEC Could you tell me the words or segments that were harder for you to understand or that sounded odder to you? Thanks a lot! There are 196 countries in the world today and virtually none of them have purple on their national flag. Throughout history purple was never used to represent a kingdom civilization or Empire. So what's wrong with purple? It's such a popular color today why would no country use it in their flag. The answer is really quite simple, purple was just far too expensive. Fabric traders obtained the dye from a small sea snail that was only found in the /ˌmed.ə.tərˈeɪ.ni.ən/ a lot of work went into producing the dye as more than 10,000 snails were needed to create just one gram of purple.
Nov 8, 2017 12:38 AM
Answers · 6
Your reading is excellent, with no strange-sounding or difficult to understand words
November 8, 2017
Pretty good. Note that the T in "virtually" should be /tʃ/. "No" should be /nOu/.
November 8, 2017
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