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Why no subjunctive? (song lyric) I listened to a Persian song. The words say: "nemitunam chesm man azat bardaaram" www.youtube.com/watch?v=WkiBOID4P4c Why is "bardaaram" not in the subjunctive? I thought if I say "mitunam" or "nemitunam" I must always follow it with a verb in the subjunctive. Example: I should say "nemitunam Farsi khub sohbat konam" not "nemitunam Farsi khub sohbat mikonam" Example 2: I should say "hanooz nemitunam be Farsi benevisam" not "nemitunam be Farsi minevisam" Thanks in advance
Nov 30, 2017 1:18 AM
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Here the verb was; برمی دارم So it has changed and it's as same as: صحبت میکنم-برمی دارم صحبت کنم-بردارم As you see those "می "s, are not there anymore! Here it may sound weird to you and that is because of the form of the verb. Examples; من می توانم غذا بپزم. من میتوانم خرید کنم‌. من می توانم بنویسم 1- می پزم - بپزم 2- خرید میکنم-خرید بکنم 3- مینویسم-بنویسم If you wanna know how to add ب to the verb or for adding "می " : 1-make imperative: بپز 2-drop the ب 3-you've got پز --------------------------- 1- بکن 2-کن ---------------------------- 1-بنویس 2- نویس Now you can add می or ب (Those number 2 verbs are called بن فعل in Farsi. بن actually means پایه و اساس =base)
November 30, 2017
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