Hi. I like to travel, for example get to know new cultures and traditions. Could you share interesting information about your country?
Oct 31, 2021 9:58 PM
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Egypt , third of the monuments of the world and the pyramids of course
November 1, 2021
Pakistan has great natural beauty like: K2 mountain, Sawat (which is called Switzerland of Asia), Hunza and a lot of places and also northern areas are filled with natural beauty. People of Pakistan are warm hearted, friendly and delicious food maker, VLoggers and you tubers are coming here and exploring Pakistan but, media has own propaganda about Pakistan. It has 4 provinces and every province has different and unique culture with different languages; It's native language is URDU. We are supporting and welcoming all visitors as we can.
November 1, 2021
Hi Rose, you're welcome to the UK, I'll be your tour guide. Will take you to the Buckingham palace, London bridge, Big Ben, Edinburgh castle etc
November 1, 2021
Welcome to many places you can choose.
November 1, 2021
In my country Kenya we speak English and Swahili. We do not experience seasons in my country. The legal age to get an ID is 18 years. We have a variety of food but the most common one's you may have heard of are ugali, pilau, nyamachoma and irio. #learningSwahili #languageexchange #culture
November 1, 2021
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