It is said that a deceitful farmer sold the water well in his land to his neighbor for a large sum of money, and when the farmer who bought the well came to use the water in it the next day, the deceitful man said to him: Go from here, man, for I sold you the well but I did not sell you the existing water In it, the man was astonished by what he heard and went to the judge to complain to the deceitful farmer after several attempts to convince him that the well and the water in it was his right. The judge heard the story and ordered the deceitful man to come, then asked him to give the man his well, but he refused. If the water is yours and the well is for your neighbour, then come on and get your water out of his well, then go crazy and know that deception only harms its owner.
Sep 29, 2022 10:28 AM