I think this is an interesting topic and I love it. My second elder brother used to be named X彪, and I think this is a good name. X is the last name and 彪 is the first name. 彪 generally means strong and healthy. No doubt it is a nice first name, but later, he has to change it to 强. Of course, 强 has a similar meaning to 彪, it’s also a good name. But do you know why my second elder brother has to change his name? At that time, 林彪, our Vice President of the country, was knocked down. If my second elder brother didn't change his name, he would often be making jokes by others. My name used to be called X奇and it was given as well as my second elder brother’s by my father. 奇 means unusual and amazing, and no doubt it’s also a good Chinese name. It was about when I was in third grade in primary school, l changed my name too. It’s because somebody often made jokes on me by calling me 刘少奇. You guys may know that 刘少奇then was the president of our country, but unfortunately, he had also been knocked down for several years. Then my father had to change my name to X 旭 and the name I used until today. 旭 means the sun rises in the morning and it refers to hope and the future. Although it’s not a bad name, I still prefer to use X 奇.
Mar 2, 2021 9:05 AM
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