Sugar is as dangerous as any food in excess. You could get diabetes if you consume sugar in excess. I have a memory of two years ago, I took a blood test because my Doctor asked for it. In general, my health was good. However, I had to go to the public hospital where I go for general check. They made me a sugar test and they scared me telling me that I was very young to have high level sugar in my body and I was a potential pre-diabetic. So, I thought "how is that possible if my test blood told that my health is good and I don't consume huge portions of sugar?" I told them about my recently test and results and they told me that I needed to talk to my Doctor. So I went to work with that issue on my mind. I was trying to find the answer thinking what's wrong with my health and why I had high level sugar. I called to my Doctor but he couldn't attend my call at that moment but he was going to return the call in the afternoon. Then, while I was waiting for the afternoon I connected the points. I remembered that I was taking a medicine that conteined "glucosa". There was the answer to my problem sugar. When I finally talked to my Doctor and explained him everything he told me that I had to suspend the medicine. That day I learned two very important lessons: 1.- We have to read very well about the pills, treatments or pills we are taking to deal with health issues. Because we can resolving a problem to open the door to another problem. And if we have questions about something we have to ask. 2.- We have to be very conscients about we eat and how much we consume. In conclusion, everything is wrong in excess. It doesn't matter if it looks "inocent" or not. We need a equality on our bodies. So we have take care more of ourselvs. #HelpMeCorrect.
Sep 21, 2021 5:20 PM