Part2 For some energetic kids, they would stay up a whole night playing cards or something like that. The next morning, people were supposed to get up early because it means that you would get as much fortune as you get early. Then the same root families would gather and go to their ancestors' graves in the fields to pay them homage by burning 冥币 (how to say it in English? ) And setting off firecrackers. Afterwards, they would go back to their villages and go door to door to pay New Year's greetings to their elders. Then they went back to their own house to enjoy their new year with being fully relaxed and doing nothing. From the next day, people would start to visit relatives until the fifteenth of the first lunar month. So it's very easy to see some drunk people lying on the road side or the fields with a fallen bicycle next to them. You know what? Visiting relatives, they would be treated with meat and Chinese spirits. Because they didn't have the chance to eat and drink them on regular days, they couldn't control themselves eating more and drinking more. After enjoying the meal and alcohol, on the way back home, they would fall down from their bicycles because they were drunk. Of course, every year, some of those drunk people would lose their lives because they drank too much alcohol.
Sep 23, 2021 3:18 AM