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italki teacher since Oct 1, 2021
Hello. I’m your Korean tutor 이상엽 (Lee SangYeob) who is going to help you with your Korean. My name is a little hard to pronounce, so you can also call me by my English name Eva. I teach young learners English. I met many native English teachers at my work. Now, they are some of my best friends. We teach our native languages to each other. I spend very meaningful and enjoyable times with them. I want to teach many students throughout the world. I look forward to meeting many students. That’s all about me for now. See you in class soon. Bye.

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44 Reviews

朴イゴリ Igor Pak
79 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
In today's class we watched a TV show as a part of listening practice. Eva prepared a very detailed document with new vocabulary and expressions and I had a chance to practice them while watching. I have learned a lot of useful and practical things that cannot be found in books. Very grateful!!
Dec 1, 2021
3 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Eva is a really good teacher. She understands well my needs and provides a class and teaching material that's not only fun but also best fitting for me. 😊 She's also really nice so it feels like talking to a friend. (Actually, we got to know today that we're really 친구 🤭 as we were both born the same year )
Oct 21, 2021
5 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
My first lesson with her was fantastic! I can say she is an expert in teaching, I was amazed at how many great materials she was using and how well she prepared the class! everything was just so perfect and way more better than I expected. I highly recommend her and for sure she is the best Korean teacher I've had here! I can give her 10/10 she really knows how to teach!!
Oct 19, 2021
David Ferreira
3 Korean lessons
Eva is very professional and really pushes me toward my goals with the Korean language! I am definitely improving my ability to make better Korean sentences and learning new words each time.
Apr 5, 2023
Ash 💫
1 Korean lesson
Eva was prepared and patient. The kdrama portion was such a challenge but fun! I like how there's a bit of structure in her lessons, but not too much. The goal is to gain some new knowledge after every class, and although the homework is optional, it ties into what I've learned in the lesson, keeping me accountable.
Oct 26, 2022
朴イゴリ Igor Pak
79 Korean lessons
울샘쵝오 (사자성어) 😌
Aug 10, 2022
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