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말하기 연습 위주의 수업
From Republic of KoreaLiving in Asan, Republic of Korea (12:39 UTC+09:00)
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italki teacher since Oct 1, 2021
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안녕하세요 한국어 강사 상엽입니다 말하기 연습을 하고 싶은 한국어 중급자 학생을 모집하고 있습니다 다양한 주제로 말하기 연습을 할 수 있습니다 한국어 말하기의 자신감이 필요하다면 저에게 인사를 건네보세요! ^^

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47 Reviews

Student 朴イゴリ Igor Pak
朴イゴリ Igor Pak
79 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
In today's class we watched a TV show as a part of listening practice. Eva prepared a very detailed document with new vocabulary and expressions and I had a chance to practice them while watching. I have learned a lot of useful and practical things that cannot be found in books. Very grateful!!
Dec 1, 2021
Student Assma
3 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Eva is a really good teacher. She understands well my needs and provides a class and teaching material that's not only fun but also best fitting for me. 😊 She's also really nice so it feels like talking to a friend. (Actually, we got to know today that we're really 친구 🤭 as we were both born the same year )
Oct 21, 2021
Student Dia✨
5 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
My first lesson with her was fantastic! I can say she is an expert in teaching, I was amazed at how many great materials she was using and how well she prepared the class! everything was just so perfect and way more better than I expected. I highly recommend her and for sure she is the best Korean teacher I've had here! I can give her 10/10 she really knows how to teach!!
Oct 19, 2021
Student Stella Kang
Stella Kang
4 Korean lessons
Wow, I learned so much useful vocabulary in our last class!! I feel like I move up a level every time I have a class with 상업쌤!!
Mar 13, 2024
Student Stella Kang
Stella Kang
4 Korean lessons
I love 이상엽 선생님! She has a way of really letting the conversation flow naturally and touching on several diverse subjects. It feels like I am just chatting with a friend, but a friend who teaches me key phrases and vocabulary. I've only had 2 lessons with her so far, but I already feel like my Korean is WAY better thanks to her!! If you are looking to quickly improve your Korean level, I highly recommend booking a class with her!!
Mar 8, 2024
Student Leia G (레아)
Leia G (레아)
1 Korean lesson
The teacher was so kind and patient, and easily explained words that I did not know. She also naturally introduced new phrases that were useful and helped me learn them right away by having them repeated during the class. For even a shy student, she will help you to speak comfortably and with much confidence. This was a great lesson!
Mar 8, 2024
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