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Hey! My name is Büsra. I'm from Germany and am a German native speaker! I'm currently studying fashion design and am obsessed with Art, Fashion and Culture. I teach different levels and ages and am very open for free discussions and different teaching tools. If you want to improve your pronunciation, German grammar and German at all you are very welcome!

German Lessons

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34 lessons completed
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Conversational and General German 🇩🇪🇩🇪🇩🇪 B1-C2
A1 -  C2

Conversation Practice

250 lessons completed
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German Grammar and Test Preparation(theory based )
A1 -  C2


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26 Reviews

Paweł Ziętkiewicz
1 German lesson
Teacher’s pick
Nice talk, Büsra treats her classes with care. It was amazing to have my phrases corrected in real time. Definitely was worth it! Even thou that time I got cough :)
Jun 11, 2022
Neil Donnelly
50 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
After about 15 lessons so far with Büşra, here is my experience so far. Overtime my lessons with her, I have seen my German skills improved massively and she has always provided an extremely comfortable laid back for my german speaking skills to flourish. She has always put me first over herself and has shown generosity and truly cared for how I learned best and corrected me always for my mistakes, no matter how small, which helped my German improve even more. It is a perfect mix always of talking and listening, without it feeling forced or like a medial task. If you have been searching for a tutor to help you feel relaxed, look no further than her. Furthermore, constantly asking me questions about topics, diving deeper into topics and as always, pushing me past my comfort zone to achieve more growth regarding my German language goals. I have to publicly thank Büşra and I will recommend always anyone to have her as a tutor to improve all matters of skills desired.
Apr 3, 2022
Krzysztof Rynkiewicz
28 German lessons
Teacher’s pick
Here is my longterm review after 15+ lessons: Teacher is flexible and reliable. Sometimes there is need for rescheduling, sometimes another kind of time-related problem occurs - we always solve any of them. I appreciate good contact. I like that lessons are irrepetible - we do many varied things, many different tasks, not only grammar excersises. Homeworks are also varied. Teacher is creative about teaching. Thing which is relevant is friendly atmosphere. With my previous teacher lessons were very formal, without fun. Learning with Busra is like learning with friend - you talk in german and you don’t even feel that you are on german lesson. After many lessons i can confirm that i feel much more better with speaking. That was skill which i wanted to focus on. I was able to go abroad and successfully, without tension, make conversations, which used to be impossible for me. And nothing motivates as good as noticable progress. I strongly recommend the teacher, she knows what she does.
Mar 28, 2022
Anna Kotýnková
1 German lesson
I am really glad I found this teacher. She help me a lot and I am thankful. She fun to work with and I recommend her from bottom of my heart.
Apr 30, 2022
Krzysztof Rynkiewicz
28 German lessons
Teacher explains grammar very well and provide useful materials. Lessons are also very motivating because i can see my progress.
Dec 19, 2021
Krzysztof Rynkiewicz
28 German lessons
I liked the lesson very much, teacher helped to diagnose my weak points and we worked on them together. I like style of the lessons and appreciate good communication. I rate lessons with Büsra 5/5 and i will definitely get more lessons.
Dec 12, 2021
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