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italki teacher since Oct 21, 2021
Welcome🥰 My name is Momo! Nice to meet you I'm a native Japanese speaker I enjoy learning a foreign language. I speak slowly and clearly and enjoy teaching all the levels. I am extremely patient and would love to be able to help you practice speaking! Let's have fun and learn. My classes are flexible so, please tell me what you want to learn from my classes. I like to create a focused class for each student. ⭐These are my experiences⭐ I have one 1year of English teaching experience. [ for children between the ages of two and ten ]

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11 Reviews

Janghoon Lee
5 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I strongly recommend you to study with Momo sensei. I was sort of nervous in the beginning, but she made the class vibe so comfortable that I wasn't afraid to make a mistake anymore. And I learned a lot from this single class only; I look forward to studying with her more.
Jul 6, 2022
67 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Momo is an excellent teacher. She's patient, knowledgeable, and considerate. Her English level is extremely proficient so she's great for all levels from Beginner to Advanced. She fully understands the subtle context of a phrase and can translate it perfectly. I've been so impressed by her teaching style that I have bought multiple packages. I recommend you book a trial lesson!
Dec 21, 2021
Jaylen Tan
1 Japanese lesson
Teacher’s pick
Momoka sensei is an attentive and patient teacher. You can be at ease to speak freely without fear as she will correct your mistakes on the spot and in addition provide a better way of saying. As she is learning a new language intensively as well so she can understand and be in students' shoes. Hence she is able to teach in a way based on student's perspective. Thanks for the lesson. :)
Nov 4, 2021
1 Japanese lesson
The teacher helps me to form the sentences in Japanese. She writes the sentences in a file. Learning some new words during the conversation and at the same time, I revise the grammatical points. In overall, it was a nice lesson.
May 6, 2022
1 Japanese lesson
To whom it may concern, It is Leonard Man who writes. Please pass the following message to Momo sensei! It takes time for both parties to get familiarise with. Since it is my first time to receive one on one language lesson, therefore, I felt a bit nervous… Before leaving this trial lesson, I told Mabuchi sensei on the areas which I plan to drill on, for instance, the usage of particles and verb conjugations… Nevertheless, I appreciate the effort which Mabuchi sensei put during the lesson ! Hopefully, we might meet in future ! The last but not the least, wish Mabuchi sensei health and happiness 🙏 student Leonard Man 6th April 2022 22 : 03 ( Richmond, British Columbia, Canada )
Apr 7, 2022
1 Japanese lesson
楽しく学べました! 私と話してくれてありがとう
Mar 6, 2022
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