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italki teacher since Oct 15, 2021
Hi, I’m Moto. It’s very nice to meet you. I’m a Japanese person living in Malaysia. I was born and raised in Yamagata prefecture, Japan. After graduating University, I visited many places and haves had many types of job. SoI have a lot of experience with different types of people in Japan and abroad. If you are interested in working in Japan, or you just want to improve your Japanese please don’t hesitate to ask me anything! Likes: Singing(Especially a cappella), Comics, Cooking, Yoga, Walking around, Listening to your story こんにちは!Motoです。 マレーシア在住の日本人です。私は日本の山形県で生まれ育ちました。それから色々な場所へ行って、たくさんの仕事を経験してきました。もしあなたが日本での仕事に興味があるなら、どうぞなんでも聞いてくださいね! 好き:歌(特にアカペラ)、漫画、料理、ヨガ、歩くこと、人の話を聞くこと

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12 Reviews

55 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
I appreciate Motoi’s encouragement and pronunciation help. I hope our technology issues will go away for the next lesson because I enjoy our time learning together very much.
Nov 4, 2021
Fai Tse Durand
6 Japanese lessons
Teacher’s pick
Oct 29, 2021
1 Japanese lesson
Motoiさんはとても親切で優しいです!She helped noting down phrases whenever I am conused and clarified concepts. We had so much fun talking about different countries and even discussed more complicated topics like politics in Japanese!
Jan 18, 2023
55 Japanese lessons
I love to work with Motoi さん. I always look forward to our lessons, and I really appreciate the materials that she prepares. Lately she has blended many of the grammar points and vocabulary in the materials for me, and it's so helpful to remember things I learned in the past as well as new items we are just beginning to study. I feel motivated when we meet, and I always want to improve. Thanks to Motoi さん, I know I can improve if I keep working hard. 頑張りましょう!
Nov 21, 2022
55 Japanese lessons
I love working with Motoi さん! Her lessons are structured enough to give me new vocabulary and grammar points in a way that I understand and build on my current knowledge, but also flexible enough to give me space to practice and make mistakes in order to learn. It's a manageable pace for me, and I always look forward to our lessons because Motoi さん is such a genuine person. どうもうありがとう、先生!❤️
Nov 7, 2022
55 Japanese lessons
Motoi さん continues to help me build my skills in Japanese. I needed some time away from lessons and she developed review lessons to help me get back into the content we had been working on. I'm so happy that I can work with her and continue to learn, especially because we have so much fun! ありがとう、先生!
Jul 17, 2022
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