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Hi everybody! It's Natalie here! Born in Australia from argentinean parents I have been living in Italy since I was 6 years old! I would love to help you practise your italian talking about whatever you're interested about, but if I should talk about my favourite things they'd be (vegan) food, zero waste, plants, dogs, shopping, travel (I'm a Prague lover). I'm very talkative and curious! I can't wait to hear about your interests!

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27 Reviews

Student Sara Mesa
Sara Mesa
34 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
I really enjoy my classes with Natalie. The fact that she speaks Spanish and English makes learning a new language much easier. She is also very talkative and very nice, which makes the classes very entertaining. I have really felt the progress in my Italian and I feel very happy for having chosen her as my teacher, I recommend her to everyone.
May 14, 2022
Student J. T.
J. T.
11 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Only having learned Italian with Apps and Podcasts, Natalie was the best teacher I could have stumbled upon! Not only is she super nice but also extremely patient and manages to explain everything in a comprehensible manner. Her worksheets are very useful and helped me with understanding grammar but also expanding my vocabulary. She also took my wishes into consideration regarding what I want to learn and makes me feel more confident with every lesson to just speak with the words I know! Grazie mille cara!💗
Apr 27, 2022
Student Sundeep Phatak
Sundeep Phatak
9 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Natalie è una insegnante senza pari! Mi sento completamente rilassato nelle sue classi e la conversazione scorre fluidamente. Grazie mille 😊
Apr 6, 2022
Student Dean Seda
Dean Seda
16 Italian lessons
Gia non so abbastanza parole in Italiano per scrivere una recensione, ma ecco qui! Lo scrivo in Inglese. I have been taking Italian lessons with Natalie for maybe 6 weeks now in preparation for my trip to Italy in July. I started with little knowledge of speaking outside of the present tense. I know that by the time my trip comes, I will be able to speak Italian at a level where people can understand me well and I will be able to understand them! I am already able to speak with Natalie with some difficulty, but it is getting easier every time. It's very exciting. Natalie's lessons are educational and fun. She creates homework assignments and learning materials specifically for me and what I am studying. She also has many interests, so you can talk to her about any topic you want! I am very happy with my lessons with Natalie! If you would like to learn Italian, Natalie is your woman!
May 31, 2022
Student Patricia1
1 Italian lesson
I liked her lesson! She is nice!
May 31, 2022
Student Jouko
1 Italian lesson
Tutto perfetto! Grazie mille Natalie! Spero di vederti presto di nuovo! Ciao!!
May 10, 2022
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