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(B1+ ONLY) I use COMPREHENSIBLE INPUT to learn languages, come and learn the FUN way
From MexicoLiving in Veracruz, Mexico (16:38 UTC-06:00)
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italki teacher since Oct 20, 2021
Hi, I am Miguel and languages are a big part of my life. I have been learning English and French for the last 6 years and i love teaching just as much as I love studying and I'm planning on learning even more. Me encanta aprender idiomas pero no de la manera tradicional, los idiomas que hablo, los aprendi usando Netflix, YouTube, apps y libros, entonces conozco diversas maneras en las que podemos usar el entretenimiento para aprender un idioma, lo cual en mi experiencia es la mejor manera de aprender.

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22 Spanish lessons
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Great teacher! Been learning with Miguel for a while now and the sessions are always fun. He is curious about people, and knows how to get you chatting about everything and anything. You leave feeling like a native speaker.
May 20, 2022
Mike Canonica
38 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I just had my second lesson with Miguel. Once again he was very kind and helpful as I continue on my Spanish learning journey. Comprehensible input and feedback are the order of the day. Miguel is able to quickly assess a student's level of understanding and adapt his communication to meet you where you are. He also encourages students to move out of their comfort zone with input. I will working with Miguel a lot as I continue to learn Spanish.
Mar 26, 2022
John Baldwin
21 Spanish lessons
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I've taken almost 15 lessons with Miguel and it's been great. My goal is to learn Spanish (Mexico-dialect) over the winter (approximately five months) to better understand my Mexican co-workers when they arrive in the summer. I did trial lessons with three different teachers and Miguel had the most comprehensive learning plan of all the teachers. Since he's learned other languages himself, he knew exactly what it takes to learn a language and shared that information with me. He's continued to remind me along the journey what I need to do become better; which I really appreciate. It takes a lot of time and desire to learn a language, but if you're looking for a long-term teacher Miguel is a great choice. He's able to explain various grammatical things & differences from Spanish to English with me. His English is really good too; it's easy to understand. He's patient with my learning but also encouraging. Give him a try if you're looking for a good teacher!
Jan 25, 2022
2 Spanish lessons
Great to speak to Miguel on a variety of subjects. We always have an interesting conversation.
May 28, 2023
3 Spanish lessons
Miguel walks the walk and talks the talk. He's learned several languages to a very high level using input/immersion methods, and serves as a great guide and inspiration to other learners interested in really mastering their target language.
May 19, 2023
2 Spanish lessons
During the lesson, I learned a lot of new words and expressions, it was comfortable and interesting! The teacher helped me a lot to practice conversation in very friendly way. Thank you so much!
Mar 22, 2023
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