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Top 1% teacher on Italki🥇⭐️|University Degree|certified TESOL teacher|IELTS|Complex + fun topics📚
From CanadaLiving in Vancouver, Canada (02:43 UTC+08:00)
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italki teacher since Jul 8, 2022
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*currently not teaching children* *please message me or fill out intake form before sending a lesson request* I am from Vancouver, Canada. I am a certified TEFL/TESOL teacher. I have a Bachelors Degree from a highly ranked Canadian university, where I studied International Security and Conflict (policy writing). I have extensive experience in academic and professional writing. I have experience in intercultural communications and communication with people from other cultures, and who speak different languages. I use complex themes and topics for intermediate and advanced students. Such as philosophy, critical thinking, etc! I am looking forward to meeting and speaking with you!

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58 Reviews

4 English lessons
La passion pour l'enseignement et son expertise dans l'enseignement de l'anglais est vraiment impressionnante. J'ai été particulièrement impressionné par leur capacité à susciter l'enthousiasme pour l'apprentissage. Kendra a une approche pédagogique vraiment engageante, et elle sait créer un environnement d'apprentissage en ligne dynamique et interactif !
Jan 30, 2024
21 English lessons
Kendra is one of the best teacher you can find in Italki
Nov 7, 2023
2 English lessons
A helpful teacher.
Oct 26, 2023
Yusuke I.
2 English lessons
An absolutely fantastic teacher! The lessons were conducted with great thoughtfulness and attention to detail. Simply amazing! We experienced audio issues during the lesson, but she handled it calmly. Following Kendra's guidance will definitely improve my English skills. Highly recommended!
Oct 20, 2023
78 English lessons
Six Month Review First of all I have to say that the Ms Kendra's way of teaching is great, I feel relaxed and happy to learn We had a period of time between March and May to practise speaking IELTS. She was always patient in pointing out my mistakes and improving my answers. I passed the exam in the end :) After I passed the exam, I still practiced speaking English. Me and Ms Kendra talked about a lot of topics, such as health, sports, art, travelling etc. We always jump from topic to topic (mostly because of me) of course she can stay on one topic with you and also change topics quickly, I really like that. I also learnt a bit about North American culture and picked up a lot of North American phrases, internet phrases etc. I could tell she had prepared before each lesson I really thought that was great :) Lastly, I personally don't like rote teaching very much. She did a great job; I feel like all the stuff she taught me was great from a practical standpoint.
Sep 11, 2023
Erick Funez
20 English lessons
My lesson with teacher Kendras was great! 100%.
Sep 7, 2023
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