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Friendly & Kind tutor & Korean ARMY : Free talking / Reading :)
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italki teacher since Jan 24, 2022
Hello, I'm yoanna. I'm native Korean speaker living in Korea. I started italki to communicate with international ARMY who loves bts and to communicate with people from various backgrounds :) (So...I'm not a professional Korean teacher) Since I'm also studying a foreign language, I know how hard it is to study speaking alone and how embarrassing one-on-one speaking class is. I can help you practice speaking and reading Korean! I will be your best friend and help you have confidence in your Korean! If you really need it, you can use a translator. *Papago ^^* The reason I recommend a translator is because I think it's better to practice speaking in Korean even with the help of a translator.

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Let's talk with Korean ARMY! / 한국 아미와 대화하기 :)
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Free talking in korean! / 한국어로 말하기 :)
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Conversation Practice

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Reading korean together / 한국어 같이 읽기 :)
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19 Reviews

Naarah Callender
4 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
요안아 진짜 재밌는 선생님 이에요. 우리 자연스럽게 말씀하셨고 시간이 빨리 걸렸어요. 친구 같은 이야기 했고 편한 분위기 됐어요. 다음 수업이 신나게 기다리고 있어요. Thank you!!
Feb 4, 2022
17 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
I love Yoanna's class so much. I'm so glad she joined Italki!! She is such a fun person to talk to, she's patient with my many Korean mistakes, and we have a lot of hobbies in common that we can share together. I highly recommend her classes. The hour passes by so fast each time! I will definitely continue practicing my Korean with Yoanna and recommend her to anyone who wants to do the same.
Feb 2, 2022
17 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yoanna is seriously such an amazing conversation partner, I highly, highly recommend her classes! She is incredibly passionate about her hobbies and interests and, since we have similar interests, we were able to talk about them a lot. After class, she even sent me tons of new things to prepare to talk about in our next class, which I'm super excited for. If you are ARMY, she has a lot of great resources to learn from, and if you are not ARMY, she still has plenty of other interests you can share together. Not only is she passionate with a lot of interesting things to say and discuss, but she is a very patient person who put up with my many Korean mistakes. I can't wait to have many more lessons with Yoanna.
Feb 1, 2022
masashige katsuta
2 Korean lessons
프리톡으로 대화를 이어갈 수 있도록 질문이나 이야기를 미리 잘 준비해 주어서 45분이라는 시간이 짧게 느꼈어요.즐겁게 한국어를 배울 수 있어요.감사합니다^^
Sep 10, 2022
Monica Rios
2 Korean lessons
I absolutely enjoyed my lesson. I'm already looking forward to my next one!
Apr 12, 2022
8 Korean lessons
요안나쌤은 너무 친절하구, 잘 참는구, 착하구 선생님 이에요. 요안나쌤의 수업은 저 처음 듣는 한국어 수업이었어요. 처음에는 한국어로 대화하는 것이 처음이라 긴장될 것 같았습니다 근데 요안나쌤은 수업을 매우 편안하게 해주었습니다. 쌤은 저 답장을 구성하는 것을 도왔습니다. 그리고 재미있는 비디오를 공유합니다. 저도 아미라서 우리 관심사에 대해 많이 이야기합니다. 쌤의 수업을 듣게 되어 기쁩니다. 다음 수업 기대하겠습니다! ㅇ^^ㅇ
Apr 7, 2022
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