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Dutch language teacher with 3 years of experience
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italki teacher since Mar 9, 2022
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Hi Dutch students! My name is Yoran. I live in the Netherlands and I am a native Dutch speaker. I have been teaching Dutch for over 3 years now, for all ages and levels. I'm friendly and approachable, and I enjoy meeting and talking with different people and learning about their cultures. I'm also a big language enthusiast, and I love both learning and teaching languages. I can speak about 4 so far, so I know what it's like to be on the student side, and I'm aware which parts of the language are stumbling blocks and how to make a structured course to learn to speak it step by step.

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37 Reviews

Alba Canales Ruiz
27 Dutch lessons
Teacher’s pick
Loved this first class with Yoran!! He adjusted perfectly to my needs and he was very easy to talk to, will for sure book some more lessons with him :)
Jun 5, 2022
Umiko Nakamura
3 Dutch lessons
Teacher’s pick
Yoran has by far been the best teacher I’ve had on Italki. His lessons are so clear, and it’s so nice that he has made all of this comprehensive material so that it’s fun and easy to learn. He’s really encouraging, but also makes sure to give me corrections when I need them. It’s also just super fun to chat with him, he’s a really nice guy. I also appreciate the optional homework he gives me when I ask for it. Very organized, fun, and a great teacher.
May 6, 2022
2 Dutch lessons
Teacher’s pick
Really enjoyable and useful lessons. Great focus on the basics of vowels supported by you sharing some insights into Dutch culture which help brings things to life.
Mar 24, 2022
Alba Canales Ruiz
27 Dutch lessons
As usual, a very interesting and fun lesson with Yoran. He´s super approachable and it´s very easy to find subjects to discuss about. He´s also a very attentive person and always finds ways to improve my language mistakes and teach me daily vocabulary as well as expressions. Thank you Yoran :)
Oct 11, 2022
42 Dutch lessons
Yoran is helping me to get back into the swing of learning Dutch. It’s good to have lessons with him again.
Sep 28, 2022
42 Dutch lessons
Good overview and intro to the simple past and Yoran helped to clarify beforehand some of the differences between the usage of the present perfect and the simple past. I always appreciate that he is able to anticipate many of my questions based on his experience with other students as well as his instinct and skill as a teacher.
Aug 29, 2022
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