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I am former solicitor and British native. I spent over 30 years working in the legal system in London. I specialise in helping my students to master English grammar so that they can communicate in English correctly and effectively. I also teach pronunciation, legal English and also entrepreneurialism for business people. I have been teaching for almost five years online, in person and in schools.

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7 Reviews

Bank Tanakan
21 English lessons
I must say, David's English course is an absolute gem! The way he has detail structured the course showcases his profound understanding of language learning. The content flows seamlessly, each lesson building upon the previous one, creating a foundation and confidence in learners.
Aug 21, 2023
27 English lessons
I have been practicing English with David for half a year now. I was looking for someone to help me regain my confidence in speaking English. David was the perfect choice! After a few meetings, I saw great progress. David creates a very soothing and pleasant atmosphere, making you feel comfortable to speak. He expresses himself very clearly and has a neutral British accent (RP). He listens to you patiently, asks questions, and allows you to speak a lot. Conversational Practice English Lessons with him are very fulfilling! During our conversations, he suggests the right words that British people would use to express something, so I always have a long list of new expressions. He is a really good partner to talk about nearly every topic: business, politics, history, travel, and many others. Having Conversational Practice English with David is a real pleasure!
Jun 27, 2023
2 English lessons
David is a wonderful teacher, very clever, attentive. He can literally teach you anything. I strongly recommend his classes.
Sep 30, 2022
11 English lessons
David is a very respectful and knowledgeable person. He also has a clear British/BBC accent. Today, we had a fascinating conversation about history and politics. He was patient and supportive, and knew how to keep the conversation flowing. Thanks David.
Sep 21, 2022
9 English lessons
Very professional teacher who really helps me a lot with my legal English and preparation of a moot case. He is so experienced that can easily identify the main point of the case. I can hardly imagine what should I do without his help. Highly recommended! He would definitely be your best tutor ever!
Sep 20, 2022
2 English lessons
The lesson with David was superb! He was able to immediately point out the issues with the way that I speak and provide useful advice to address them. David is extremely nice, very patient, encouraging, and he made me feel very comfortable during our lesson. I will definitely be schedulling another lesson soon!
May 15, 2022
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