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Hello! I'm a NATIVE KOREAN Speaker born and raised in DAEGU. I lived in Ireland for 1 year and traveled a lot of countries in Europe and Asia so I can speak in ENGLISH and KOREAN fluently . I'm learning Spanish and English as well. That's why I 100% understand how students feel when they learn Korean. Also I'm an ENTHUSIASTIC FULL TIME Korean tutor. I feel so happy when my students ask me about grammar or Korean culture. I hope I can teach students all about Korea here in italki.

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17 Reviews

Student 진현 🇰🇷
진현 🇰🇷
113 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
My experience with 김은정 선생님 has been so outstanding so far that I had to leave a follow-up review. I've tried multiple instructors on other platforms and I am simply happy to have found my teacher. It's like what they say when you buy a new house or a new car: When you know, you just know because it feels right. I am impressed at the quality of instruction, dialog, and prompt feedback that 김은정 선생님 offers each session. When I struggle with a language problem, she doesn't just switch to English and enable me in that respect; she challenges me by explaining the problem in other words and phrases with a normal tempo which forces me to stay in my "Korean-speaking" mode. I look forward to each class. Thank you, 김은정 선생님.
Jul 30, 2022
Student Stuart Warren
Stuart Warren
3 Korean lessons
Teacher’s pick
Teacher Eun-Jeong is a great teacher and teaches very well planned lessons. She has a very good way of explaining grammar and her English is excellent (which is great if you're beginner like me). I will definitely book again.
May 17, 2022
Student Lucía Peralta | 루시아
Lucía Peralta | 루시아
2 Korean lessons
She's very patient and finds a comfortable topic to practice! It calms my nerves a lot knowing there's no judgement
Jan 14, 2023
Student Mira
20 Korean lessons
My first lesson with Eunjeong was so much fun. I was so nervous because I struggle speaking Korean, but she created such a relaxed atmosphere, that I didn’t worry at all. Thank you so much, I hope to learn a lot from you!
Jan 14, 2023
Student Lei Ofbridge
Lei Ofbridge
10 Korean lessons
I have just had my 8th lesson with Kim and I loved it! She's a lovely teacher and she makes sure to teach me exactly what I ask her too. I left the lesson today very happy to understand a grammar point I was struggling with. She's positive and encouraging. I highly recommend her!
Oct 25, 2022
Student Channel
3 Korean lessons
I had a great time learning! Thanks again :)
Oct 20, 2022
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