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Profesor con más de seis años de experiencia, músico y con muchas anécdotas!
From VenezuelaLiving in Caracas, Venezuela (06:28 UTC-04:00)
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italki teacher since Apr 21, 2022
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Hi! My name is Wardien, I´m 22 years old and I'm from Venezuela, a beautiful country in latin america. I´ve been teaching spanish and english for six years now. I´m a very cheerful person and with a lot of confidence. I always try to share good vibes with my friends and make them believe in themselves. I love music, I´m a guitarist and composer, and I really like meeting new cultures.

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24 Reviews

Student Jace Bohlman
Jace Bohlman
23 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
For people who are not just starting out in Spanish, Wardien can really help you reach those higher levels of being able to express yourself and iron out your errors. I am around a B1 half way to B2 and I believe he his is giving me many opportunities to learn to express opinions in Spanish which is great for me to learn! Neither does he neglect the grammar as a focus for my lessons because I need to be able to use correct grammar for my classes. But if that is not important to you, he will not make you learn it haha. On top of the content of my lessons Wardien is over all a really nice guy and cares about his work. I’ve really enjoyed our classes!
May 30, 2022
Student Skyler Faulkner
Skyler Faulkner
13 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Wardien is very knowledgeable and is the perfect balance of fun and structured. He caters to individual needs and learning styles very well and it is clear he truly enjoys seeing people learn.
May 13, 2022
Student Maysyn
7 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Treats his lessons as if you were talking to a friend and makes you feel comfortable. He wants his students to excel and gives them real advice (unlike what you would get from basic high school) gives you great feedback that would be relevant in a daily conversation. I highly recommend. The price is amazing for what you end up getting out of the class. Definitely found a teacher that I would like to stick with!
May 9, 2022
Student Brandon
10 Spanish lessons
Wardien is the most REAL, open and honest tutor I have met on iTalki. He doesn't shy away from discussing just about any topic, with an ability to share his viewpoints and help you clarify yours. His English is great which helped with ease of translating more advanced topics with new vocabulary for me. The lessons have been an interesting cultural exchange and way to improve my conversational Spanish.
Oct 15, 2022
Student S.J
1 Spanish lesson
Great trial ! Will definitely recommend this tutor
Oct 10, 2022
Student Liz
1 Spanish lesson
The lesson with Wardien was both helpful and relaxed! He's energetic and provided good feedback for when I made a mistake. Muchas gracias!
Oct 1, 2022
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