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Chào các bạn! Mình là Vân Anh Hiện tại đang sinh sống và làm việc tại Hà Nội. Mình vô cùng yêu thích đi du lịch để khám phá vùng đất mới, có những người bạn và trải nghiệm mới. Và đặc biệt đó là để học 1 ngôn ngữ mới. Mình sẽ giúp bạn khám phá khi bạn đến Việt Nam ;) Hi! I'm Van Anh, Currently living and working in Hanoi. I absolutely love traveling to discover new places, make new friends, and have more experiences. And especially to learn a new language. If you want to make new conversations and get better without unpleasant pressure? Come and try for 30 or 60 minutes with me in the trial lesson! I'd love to show you around when you come to Vietnam ;)

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7 Reviews

Khang Nguyen
2 Vietnamese lessons
Very fun lesson. She is very patient and can speak English so she can explain how to make the tones and sounds correctly.
Dec 7, 2022
1 Vietnamese lesson
I really enjoyed my first lesson, Ambers spoken English is very good so it helps me learn much easier, Amber is also very polite and friendly, looking forward to my next lesson
Dec 6, 2022
5 Vietnamese lessons
I had a great time at today's lesson. We talked about traveling through Asia and Europe. Whenever Amber sensed I didn't know a word, she'd help me with the meaning of the word. Amber is a very enthusiastic teacher, and she encourages me to learn as much as possible.
Nov 28, 2022
5 Vietnamese lessons
Amber brings a new topic to each lesson to help me improve my vocabulary. With each new topic, I learn another 10-15 words. I think my comprehension is improving day-by-day. Her lessons are quite fun because she is such an enthusiastic teacher. At each lesson, she helps me with my listening skills. When first using new words, she’ll speak slowly and clearly to make sure I understand her sentences. Then she’ll use the new words again in other sentences later. The repetition with the new words is super helpful. Thanks Amber for helping me learn Vietnamese.
Nov 27, 2022
5 Vietnamese lessons
Today I had a great lesson. I am impressed by Amber’s proficiency in English. She can explain everything that I don’t understand. Some of the idioms in Vietnamese didn’t make sense to me at first, but I found that Amber can explain their origins and meanings very clearly. Once they make sense to me, I feel much more confident to use them.
Nov 27, 2022
5 Vietnamese lessons
Amber is a great teacher. I feel like I made a lot of progress in today’s lesson. She helped me with my pronunciation. She spoke a bit slower than normal so I could understand what she is saying. Then she spoke more quickly as my comprehension improved. She is a very patient and considerate teacher. Today’s lesson was perfect.
Nov 26, 2022
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