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A native trilingual and a certified Thai teacher eagering to help you with learning Thai language
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italki teacher since May 5, 2022
As a member of a trilingual family, I have been growing up using three languages including Thai, English, and Dutch. Nevertheless, I have been passionate about helping people around me improve their conversation skills in both Thai and English which eventually led to the beginning of my career as a Thai teacher. Although my forte lies in teaching conversations and pronunciation, I am also willing to teach you any other skills regarding Thai so you can gain better insight into the language.

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Thai conversation for beginners
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Thai conversation for Beginner Children
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19 Reviews

Student Alice Mennella
Alice Mennella
2 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
This was my first lesson with Kruu Emile and I will continue to study with her for sure. She is a great listener and can identify areas that need improvement in a very simple way. She is also super nice and easy to talk to. Highly highly recommended! Thank you na kaa
Nov 8, 2022
Student John
21 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
Very good lesson with Emile today. I need to practice listening comprehension for colloquial conversations at full speed, and she came prepared to help me with that. We speak mostly in Thai, but her English is good so we can use English to further explain and clarify as needed. Emile is professional, friendly and patient. I look forward to more lessons with her.
Sep 14, 2022
Student Ian Dickey
Ian Dickey
9 Thai lessons
Teacher’s pick
When you look for tips on learning a new language, usually one of them is listen to music. I think more often than not this this is very advanced exercise. And in this class Emile confirmed just how advanced it can actually be. There was so much to learn from in one song. I realized a simple translation can’t really explain all the meaning in a song. But the biggest surprise was how Emile opened up the concept of nuance in the Thai language for me. An aspect I really understood very little until now. The topic has come up before but nobody has ever been able to explain it in a way I understood before. I was so impressed at how easily Emile could explain. Often, you hear that some words don't have any meaning in themselves and that is usually as far as I have gotten. But Emile confirmed even though they don’t have any meaning in themselves you can still explain how they are used in different contexts to express nuance. I never imagined I could take my Thai language as far as
May 8, 2022
Student Ferdi
40 Thai lessons
I have really enjoyed Emile's lessons, and her teaching style has helped me immensely by exposing me to plenty of useful vocabulary and getting me used to listening to Thai. She is very patient and makes learning Thai fun, and the resources she provides have helped me to study in my own time too. Thank you Emile for helping me to learn Thai!
May 17, 2023
Student Ezra
2 Thai lessons
Really, I can't recommend Emile enough! She is such a wonderful, kind teacher and our lessons are always so much fun! I was really shy to start working on my Thai again after quite a long period of not using it, but Emile made me feel so comfortable and excited to speak! I'm really looking forward to more lessons with her!
Dec 19, 2022
Student Marc van Cleeff
Marc van Cleeff
3 Thai lessons
Great first class! Very happy to have Emile for our 11 year old son. We are looking forward to many more classes.
Dec 1, 2022
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