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Hey guys, I'm Laurence, a native English speaker from the UK. In short I have: - 3 years of teaching experience online - Have taught students from all over the world, stuents range from beginners to very advanced students - Speak fluent Chinese 哈羅大家好,我的英文名字叫Laurence,是一名來自英國的英文母語者。簡介: -我已教有三餘年教學經驗了。 -我教過來自是世界各國學生,初學者至高級水準的學生皆有。 -我會講流利的中文

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285 Reviews

Winston Cai
3 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Another inspiring class! I should admit that taking a class from 10:30pm is quite challenging because my battery had been quite low, so I had to struggle to focus and try to think positively as usual. But Laurence was very attentive and encouraging me to do my best all the time. The class had a relaxed atmosphere, which helped me give a better performance. Thanks!
Sep 19, 2018
8 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
本節課為作文課,安傑幫我修改了作文,針對每個我出現了的錯誤,一一仔細的分析:先讓我自己發現錯誤點在哪,再讓我試著改正,最後再針對這個詞或語法點進行講解。 總體來説非常好,十分的細緻。一個小細節是:我抄作文標題的時候少抄了一個the,被安傑質疑了題目的權威性,說明他對於自己所教的東西不僅僅自信且保持了一個負責的態度。It was a writing class yesterday. Laurence revised my homework and gave me some comments. He entailed every key point for every mistake I have made.That's helpful. He is an absolutely confident teacher with a responsive attitude evidenced by a typo i made on my writing question. I told him it's issued by Cambridge therefore should be right. However, he still suspected that and eventually it turns out he was right.It was supposed to be "the academic world" instead of what i typed--- "academic world".
Aug 11, 2018
Atsuko Ando
9 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
He is the best English teacher that I’ve ever had. He always gives us the priority of what we need to do in English. More importantly, he gives us notes and feedbacks even tiny tips in order to let us practice when we have some spare time. That’s exactly what students look for from the teacher. His professional attitude gives us more motivation to carry on. Thank you so much, Laurence.
Aug 9, 2018
Atsuko Ando
9 English lessons
In this session, he corrected the mistakes I made and introduced to me more advanced vocabulary, such as Yield, Erode and more suitable expressions to describe something in detail. Thank you, Laurence. All the best!
Sep 4, 2019
11 English lessons
The tenth lesson. I asked Laurence a few questions and share my opinion about the documentary in this lesson. Very productive lesson.
Aug 22, 2019
11 English lessons
It was the ninth lesson with Laurence. In my eighth lesson, Laurence gave me lots of helpful information and advice for my holiday but I forgot to submit my comments about the lesson. Sorry. And in this class I shared my travel experience with him. Although there are still some errors, I found I feel much more relaxed when I speak English. Thank you for your help. I hope my English will come along a lot.
Aug 14, 2019
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