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italki teacher since Aug 29, 2022
Hey! My name is Durkhanai student of Psychology belonging to the tribal area of Pakistan I am a Pashto speaker and belong to the Pashtoon community. I can fluently speak urdu as well. My hobbies are reading books about pashtoon's culture and history and I love to travel, also I am learning hypnotherapy in my extra time and gaining expertise in Psychological testing I love to promote my culture whenever I get a chance and so I did in my college and university. I am a very easy-to-talk person who loves to be in communication with those who want to know about our culture and language.

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22 Reviews

Lauren نورين
9 Pashto lessons
Teacher’s pick
Durkhanai is very impressive as a teacher and she had great resources such as short stories in Pashto to read together. She also has good knowledge of her people's own history, culture, and literature which she weaves into the lesson which is just amazing, so you can not only learn the language but learn to understand the people! Thank you Durkhanai!
Dec 7, 2022
13 Pashto lessons
Teacher’s pick
Teacher's method is unusual but interesting and helpful 🙂 she teaches so that student's emotional memory works, she makes a student use new vocabulary in the context, that helps to learn the words easier. Very nice lessons 😊
Nov 4, 2022
Levi Uzodike
4 Pashto lessons
Teacher’s pick
Durkhanai is a very patient and encouraging teacher. Her passion and desire for more people to learn Pashto and the Pashtun culture is inspiring!
Sep 14, 2022
Emily McConnell
1 Pashto lesson
Durkhanai was able to answer every question I had about Pashto culture and history. We spoke about how she approaches teaching based in rich Pashto stories and texts. I am looking forward to continuing my Pashto learning journey with her.
Mar 24, 2023
Zubair Ali
2 Pashto lessons
Her teaching method is very unique and effective. Well mannered and educated
Mar 4, 2023
1 Pashto lesson
Durkhanai is a personable and an enthusiastic Pashto tutor. She explained her methodology to me, answered my questions, and made recommendations. She obviously speak English very well and can teach a couple of Pashto dialects, one being the more universally understood one. I like that she gives homework, too. Overall, I was very pleased with our brief but informative lesson.
Feb 2, 2023
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