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italki teacher since Oct 22, 2022
Hello, my name is "Maya" or "Kru Maya".  “Kru” is Thai and means Teacher  I am a native Thai speaker and love to help other people to better speak and understand the Thai language and culture. I’m based in Switzerland, and beside my mother language I speak German and English.  Many of my International friends wanted to learn Thai for different reasons.  They always ask me, if I could help them.  That’s where my passion to teach Thai actually came from, and so I decided to start this as a career.  If you want to know more about Thailand in an easy way, then  Let me be your tutor and I will show you that Thai Language is very easy.

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Basic Thai Conversation "You must know"
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Conversation Practice

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Intermediate Thai Conversation "You must know"
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Fixing your broken Thai
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5 Reviews

William Reynolds
21 Thai lessons
I highly recommend Kru Maya to anyone looking to learn Thai. She is an excellent teacher, and always takes the time to answer questions. She is organized, professional, and polite. Her lessons are customized and interactive.
Mar 3, 2023
William Reynolds
21 Thai lessons
Kru Maya is a great Thai teacher. Her lessons are well-prepared, modern, and tailored to my goals. She takes the time to understand my language needs and incorporates them into each class, which has helped my Thai improve quickly. I highly recommend Kru Maya to anyone looking to learn Thai.
Feb 10, 2023
3 Thai lessons
Thank you very much for the interesting and well-prepared lesson!
Jan 23, 2023
3 Thai lessons
Thank you very much for the interesting lesson! The teacher tries to tailor the lessons to fit my needs as much as possible. I super enjoyed the lesson
Jan 21, 2023
2 Thai lessons
Today was my 1st Thai language lesson ever and it was a great experience! I was very nervous as I am a complete beginner, but she is very kind and encouraging and I felt confident to start learning right away! She put all of my worries to rest! I am excited to take another lesson and continue learning! She is an excellent teacher!
Oct 31, 2022
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