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Martin Hedberg

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italki teacher since Nov 27, 2016
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My name is Martin Hedberg and Swedish is my first language. My approach to learning is that it should be as fun as possible. I try to accomplish this by talking about culture, customs, recent news and films from my surroundings up here.

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931 Reviews

Student Elizaveta
90 Swedish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Martin has been tutoring my 9 year old daughter for quite a while already and he has always been punctual, energetic, focused, accessible for feedback, responsive for any requests and, most important, patient with a child for whom Swedish is still quite a new language. We are a non-Swedish speaking family and are not able to be of much help with Swedish language curriculum for our child, so we absolutely trusted Martin with the issue of preparation for Year 3 National Exam (Nationella prov), and as a result our daughter has passed the Exam with highest possible score and received a very promising feedback from her school teacher. Thank you, Martin! It is a pleasure to have you as tutor for our girl.
Jun 1, 2024
Student Gabriela Basz
Gabriela Basz
9 Swedish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I really appreciate Martin's patience and creativity. I'm not an easy student to teach, and yet he keeps trying to figure out how to make me associate certain words so that I can learn more easily. Big thank you! Plus, I get some historical/traditional fun fact in every lesson. It really makes me more eager to learn!
Mar 27, 2024
Student William rahn
William rahn
65 Swedish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Best teacher ever. Been learning languages for over 20 years. I know.
Mar 10, 2024
Student Sam Hollon
Sam Hollon
65 Swedish lessons
Martin is an exceptionally approachable, patient, and fun teacher. While learning Swedish, I also learned about many other fascinating cultural and other topics as he pushed the conversation in interesting directions. I would highly recommend.
Jun 14, 2024
Student Lana
2 Swedish lessons
Like the way Martin explains the material. Absolutely satisfied with the lesson.
Jun 6, 2024
Student Julia Sam
Julia Sam
2 Swedish lessons
Jag hade en provlektion med Martin och det var mycket bra. Martin är väldigt duktig och kan förklara svåra saker på ett enkelt sätt. Han var engagerad och gjorde lektionen rolig och intressant. Martin var vänlig, snäll och skapade en trevlig stämning, så jag kände mig bekväm att ställa frågor. Han var också tålmodig och såg till att jag förstod allt.🙂
Jun 4, 2024
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