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italki teacher since Oct 12, 2017
I'm Pauline, a French FLE Neurolanguage Coach from Paris based out in La Rochelle in France. I connect motivated students with real French learning experiences. Let's improve your French skills and build your confidence with interesting and motivating topics, customized training as you learn more about French culture!

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Level up your French | B1-C2
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Pronunciation & Listening comprehension
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Conversation | B1-C2
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10 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
C2 준비하면서 알게 된 선생님이에요. 폴린 선생님 진짜 시간 허투로 쓰는것도 없고 효율적이면서 친절하고 전문적으로 잘 알려주세요.시험은 아직인데 스스로 준비되었다고 느끼는 데 많은 도움을 받았어요 감사합니다! Pauline helped me enormously to prepare my exam DALF C2. There was not that much quilified teacher to help me go though this (Not on Italki, generally on the teaching websites of this language) so I had hard time to find the good teacher who is actully having knowledge of the teaching method, etc... but now I feel ready and I want to recommand her to the students like me. Even after exam I want to take her courses to have batter command of French language.
Jun 18, 2022
8 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
I’ve just had my first class with Pauine, it was fabulous! My very best impressions. She is highly professional and very-well organized. I’m deeply impressed with the way she has structured our very first class, her questions helped me to become more clear about my own goals and motivations. It’s amazing. I would warmly recommend everyone to start with the “Roadmap” class. I’ve got a roadmap, I see my objectifs and it’s all doable!! Looking forward to moving further in this journey under Pauline’s guidance :)
Mar 11, 2022
51 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Pauline is an incredible teacher! She has a real gift for teaching. She is knowledgable, supportive, and kind. I've had almost 50 lessons with Pauline, and she always goes above and beyond for each lesson, providing thorough corrections in real time on a Google doc, remembering my goals for each lesson, and providing recordings of the phrases we discussed for accent training. Of note, on a recent 2-week trip to France, I received many compliments on my French, with some people even asking if I was French (seriously!) and most people assuming that I live in France (I'm an American who lives in Chicago)... This is all thanks to Pauline!
Apr 24, 2018
Kristina Bolhouse
11 French lessons
As always, I felt very motivated when the lesson was completed.
Oct 14, 2022
Kristina Bolhouse
11 French lessons
Pauline does a great job of being encouraging and positive, but also constructive correction and coaching. After a lesson is complete, I always feel like I have clear direction on what I need to work on, and the motivation to do it!
Sep 30, 2022
14 French lessons
Je prépare l'examen, et Pauline m'aide beaucoup. Elle connaît bien la forme et les types de devoirs, elle a nombreux conseils, astuces et stratégies sur la façon de se préparer, à quoi faire attention, quoi corriger, même si il y a des lacunes individuels, elle trouve une solution pour les compenser. En plus de la langue elle-même, Pauline m'aide également au réglage mental, elle me donne des techniques à calmer le stress et à me rapprocher de la partie rationnelle de ma tête. J'apprécie vraiment et trouve de nombreux avantages dans nos cours.
Sep 7, 2022
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