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Salut ! Hi ! Hola ! Are you looking for a French teacher who speaks English as well as español and who will take care about what you need ? Forget the terrifying high-school lessons, we’re here to enjoy all the perks of private classes : dynamism and specific lessons ! With me, it’s all about your SPECIFIC GOALS and nothing more, so sit down, relax and let’s learn French ! I will start teaching on Monday, March 11th 2019.

French Lessons

Trial Lesson
99 lessons completed
USD 5.00+
Professional lesson - conversation practice
A2 -  C2

Conversation Practice

161 lessons completed
USD 11.00+
Package with 9% off
Professional lesson - complete program
A1 -  C2


636 lessons completed
USD 13.00+
Package with 10% off
!! NEW !! Go FAST ! Learn all the basics in 40 lessons !
A1 -  A2


143 lessons completed
USD 26.00
Package with 10% off
!! NEW !! Learn FAST : everything you need to know to be INDEPENDENT !
A2 -  B1


297 lessons completed
USD 26.00
Package with 10% off
Exam preparation - préparation d'examen
A1 -  C2

Test Preparation

166 lessons completed
USD 23.00
Package with 4% off
Old students only - Anciens élèves uniquement
A1 -  C2


303 lessons completed
USD 18.00
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185 Reviews

Ciaron Murnane
188 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
I highly recommend Joffrey to anyone wanting to learn French. I have been learning French with Joffrey since April 2020. In the space of just over a year, Joffrey's teaching has taken me from a very low level of French to recently passing the B2 DELF exam with a good score in July 2021. I am also more and more able to use French in my everyday life in a French-speaking region. Joffrey is an excellent teacher. He is always calm, patient and good humoured. His teaching methods will develop all areas of your knowledge of the French language (listening, reading and comprehension). His lessons are always enjoyable and fun, but at the same time challenging (in a good way!) so that you develop fast. I also like that Joffrey is happy to discuss aspects of French culture and society and the Francophone world for a wider knowledge of contextual aspects connected with the French language. I look forward to continuing my immersion in the French language with Joffrey. Merci beaucoup prof !
Aug 13, 2021
Ciaron Murnane
188 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Another great lesson with some conversation and review of homework exercises on "la concession". Merci Joffrey !
Jul 9, 2020
Andrea N.
100 French lessons
Teacher’s pick
Grâce à Joffrey, j'ai réussi à un examen très important pour mon travail. Il s'est vraiment adapté à mes besoins. Merci mille fois d'être si patient ! À la prochaine.
Feb 28, 2020
14 French lessons
Thank you for another great lesson!!
Oct 27, 2021
14 French lessons
Merci beaucoup Joffrey! As always, an excellent lesson.
Oct 12, 2021
14 French lessons
Merci Joffrey! As always, a very productive and useful lesson!
Oct 5, 2021
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