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italki teacher since May 25, 2014
My teaching areas are IT English, web development, test preparation, academic English, and conversation. Being an English Instructor has given me the fortune of living in an variety of places and interacting with people from many different backgrounds. Though I am from and currently live in the USA, I have also lived in South Korea, Ukraine, and China. I have also traveled for shorter periods to Costa Rica (2005), Russia (2006), Austria (2016), Moldova (2016), and Georgia (2017). I am a lifelong learner. In my free time I regularly practice music, design user interfaces, develop web applications, and do Kundalini yoga. I am ready to hear what you are passionate about :)

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Conversation - "I need some structure."
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Code and Conversation
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Test Preparation or Serious Short-Term Study
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Test Preparation

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Conversation Practice - "Let's just talk."
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109 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I didn't realize that this is our last session! I was so lucky to have you as my English teacher. Wish you and your family all the best in your new journey. I believe that this would not be our last conversation. THANK YOU!
Aug 16, 2018
14 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
I can’t believe this is the last class before Thaddeus go on vacation. Thaddeus is the only one who can discuss program deeply and this is also his interest. You can feel the passion on the program he has through every class. We can co-work on the project or talk to each other what is the new feature on the technology conference recently. His opinion and suggestion always inspire me to think board and deep. I'm grateful for the opportunity to learn from him in every lesson. Hope you come back on italki soon. See you next lesson :)
Aug 2, 2018
30 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
国のおやつや昔いのゲームなど、いろいろ話しました! 毎回も自然にリラックスして行われますので、とてもオススメします!
Jul 29, 2018
3 English lessons
When it comes to mental health or problems, I haven't thought about it at all in this situation. So that's why it felt interesting for me. And listening and talking, I became to realize that to give a better grade could prevent failure in another perspective. And he suggested expressions in a discreet way so that it let me correct by myself, which was really helpful. Thanks for today. See you.
Jul 27, 2020
3 English lessons
After exchanging messages about classes in advance, we decided to have a lesson with a podcast relating to education. He offered me some sites where I could find good materials in terms of education. As I am teaching in both platforms offline and online, I felt like listening to other's situation in schools when it comes to online and offline teaching. So I found a podcast where a British teacher talked about her experiences of online teaching and I let him know so that he offers me questions relating to that, which really helped me to think about this topic while listening. I am really grateful to have a lesson with you. See you later.
Jul 20, 2020
3 English lessons
It was the first lesson with Thaddeus, so I don't think I am certain about the method or the style that he uses during regular lessons, though, it was like a casual conversation following the previous answers. These days, I am focusing on my English and trying to take more English lessons, nevertheless, the more I take, the dumber I get. It seems that he tries to paraphrase what I already said or what I wasn't sure about, which seems positive feedback for me. Thank you for today and hope to see you.
Jun 29, 2020
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