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italki teacher since Jun 21, 2018
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Hello! My name is Claudia. I’m Mexican and I am currently living in France. For me, learning a language is understanding each other and re discovering oneself constantly. It’s sharing with the world and tear down any sort of boundaries. That is why I love travelling and learning other languages, because the world surprises me more and more and it makes be being a better person. Being part of the ever-growing Spanish-speaking community has allowed me to be in touch with people from all over the world. And it is a pleasure for me to help people join us by being their guide in this learning journey. I also love reading, bullet journaling and practicing pilates.

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80 Reviews

2 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Claudia's class is very engaging and interactive. The lesson encompassed ordering food at a mexican restaurant. Claudia empowered me to be more comfortable in adjusting my choices when ordering. The interactive part of the lesson was great because it was a two way conversation. Claudia encouraged me to speak in simple phrases and guess what? Estoy no avergonzada! My confidence went up just a bit this week because I spoke. Claudia provided alternative scenarios and shared social eating traditions from Mexico and France. Estoy esperando en práctica la lección de esta semana en la vida real.
Mar 23, 2019
william hickey
29 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
Claudia is an excellent teacher and coach! I have now had 25 lessons with her, primarily focused on improving my conversational Spanish. Claudia is always well-prepared and focused on exercises that will help me achieve my goals. I believe these sessions have been instrumental in making me comfortable in conversing with native Spanish speakers. I really appreciated that when I recently traveled to parts of Mexico where there was no English spoken, and I was able to communicate effectively in Spanish. As a student, Claudia is sincerely interested in your success, and puts in extra effort to create exercises tailored to your goals and level. She is very personable and someone with whom it's always a pleasure to talk. In addition to improving my Spanish language skills, I have learned a lot from our talks about Hispanic culture in general, and that of Mexico in particular. I highly recommend Claudia to anyone who is interested in really advancing their Spanish, you won't be disappointed!
Mar 4, 2019
Ezra Vasquez
27 Spanish lessons
Teacher’s pick
I had an excellent lesson with Claudia. She was very punctual, dynamic, and prepared with a full lesson plan and homework. Furthermore, she was able to answer all of my questions in Spanish and English (and sometimes French). I highly recommend her for serious students.
Sep 30, 2018
val_val mtz.
12 Spanish lessons
I really enjoy my lessons with Claudia! I take a few different lessons each week and some with teachers who are not as fluent in english (which I enjoy and do intentionally). However, if you are someone who wants to learn spanish and is looking for a good teacher who also can communicate well in english .. or french :) .. then Claudia is not only a great teacher but would be a perfect fit! She really breaks things down so you understand why to use certain words and etc. She's punctual and kind and always encourages questions. If you want to push yourself she will provide homework to help expand your vocabulary as well as help you better comprehend the language.
Mar 30, 2022
val_val mtz.
12 Spanish lessons
I really enjoyed my lessons with Claudia and look forward to my next I feel that she will be able to help me understand things that i get confused about when it comes to the spanish language. She is very kind and knowledgeable as well and I like how the lesson really felt tailored to my needs. :)
Feb 16, 2022
5 Spanish lessons
Excelente como siempre 😊
Jul 29, 2021
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