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Do you need to speak better Business English or Mandarin? Do you need to write better email and improve your communication skill with your international colleagues or clients? Do you want to improve your interview skills to get the job you want? These are the skills and solutions I could help you with. I also specialize in helping people to identify their goals, strengths & weaknesses, and structure a plan with innovative action steps to achieve their goals and potential. I have 7 years corporate working experience in accounting & finance and real estate. I am also a Certified Professional Coach (ICF-Accredited). I have taught and coached people of all ages from all over the world.

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Chinese (Mandarin)
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随意说,随意谈 ,不拘谨,不约束。超越国界,轻松自在学中文!
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专业转型课程 - 辨别您的独特身份,增强您的自信心并提高您的沟通技巧
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38 Reviews

Chinese (Mandarin)
Chinese (Cantonese)
5 Chinese (Mandarin) lessons
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Rene is an excellent teacher and I am very fortunate to have had this opportunity to study Mandarin Chinese with her. Her lesson was challenging, interesting and enjoyable. In addition to introducing me to new vocabulary, and grammar, Renee shared her insights on travel and other aspects of culture with me. This was a great lesson given by an excellent teacher, and I look forward to studying with her again in the very near future. Thank you, laoshi!!
Jul 4, 2019
1 Chinese (Cantonese) lesson
Teacher’s pick
Rene is a fantastic resource! Extremely helpful with my Mandarin and I only wish I spoke better Cantonese so we could have a real conversation. Highly recommended :)
May 10, 2019
50 English lessons
Teacher’s pick
Rene is a good teacher with passion and I really like her lesson and enjoy in it!
May 7, 2019
Yawhann Chong
124 Chinese (Cantonese) lessons
It's been a while since my last review for Rene, so I thought I'd update it! Rene has been helping me improve my Cantonese since roughly January when I started the Fluent in 3 Months challenge. Even though I'm no longer officially taking Cantonese, I'm still keeping up my weekly sessions with Rene, and she's not only an excellent teacher, but a great person and very fun to talk to. It helps that we're both Malaysian-Chinese, so I feel a sense of kinship with her. 🌙⭐ It's not often you find tutors on italki who you could make friends with, but with Rene, I already think of her as a friend! 😀
Oct 4, 2020
Yawhann Chong
124 Chinese (Cantonese) lessons
Rene assisted me with the Fluent in 3 Months challenge for the past 90 days and I could see the results from Day 0 until now! She's a fun teacher and very easy to talk to, and she explains all the grammar, sentence structure, and cultural points of anything I didn't understand. Although the challenge is over, I look forward to speaking with her again! Rene、我好開心認識你!
May 10, 2020
7 Chinese (Mandarin) lessons
Rene is really professional. I enjoyed the lessons and learned a lot.
Mar 8, 2020
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