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Passionate about languages | Musician and a Songwriter | Speaking 3 languages
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italki teacher since Dec 26, 2021
Hello everyone! I'm Shmuel and I am a native Hebrew speaker. I grew up in Netanya, a beautiful city by the sea in the center of Israel. In the last 5 years I live in Italy and I started teaching Hebrew and I love it. I am a student and a musician and I have a lot of passion for languages. I write my music in 3 languages - Hebrew, English and Italian.

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46 Reviews

Danny Shak
9 Hebrew lessons
Teacher’s pick
Shmuel brings a wonderful touch to his Hebrew lessons. One hallmark of being Shmuel's student is experiencing his contagious and unbridled passion for Hebrew music showcasing important slices of Israeli society and culture. He brings the poetic lyrics and their meanings to life and shines a light on the beauty of the Hebrew language. His approach is effective for me because the context of a catchy tune with rhythmic and/or rhyming lyrics makes for an especially memorable experience because each new word or expression sticks better than were it encountered within ordinary text or conversation. Speaking of conversation, Shmuel begins each lesson with a conversation at my level. He does a nice job at keeping the dialogue moving forward. He strikes an effective balance, patiently correcting my errors without breaking my stride unnecessarily. He always brings a super cheerful vibe and offers plenty of encouragement and knowledgeable feedback. Thanks, Shmuel, for the awesome lessons!
Dec 9, 2022
Beppe Colli
15 Hebrew lessons
Teacher’s pick
I love to learn languages by singing songs and using their words in conversations. Shmuel has a deep knowledge of songs and songwriters, and helps me by higlighting the relations between the words in the songs and everyday language. Lots of fun and great lessons!
Jul 26, 2022
Sofia Weinstein
16 Hebrew lessons
Teacher’s pick
I studied Hebrew in Ulpan for six months, but it was still impossible for me to speak in my daily life. I was insecure and started to feel that I did not enjoy the language. Shmuel transformed the Hebrew learning experience for me. He was fully supportive of my attempts to speak in Hebrew. Each time I couldn't form the entire sentence, he asked me to tell what I could tell in Hebrew and replaced unknown words with English. After that, he would write me down the whole sentence in Hebrew, and we were reaping it again. Shmuel asked me many real conversational questions. He was challenging me and supporting my every step toward meaningful dialogue. It appeared a lot easier to learn the words this way because they linked with the particular conversation in my head, and it was me who used them in the first place. Everything became even more engaging when we started to go through Israeli songs. It's so much fun! It's so much fun and emotional to learn a language by sing! Thank you!
Jul 20, 2022
Annemarie Godijn
1 Hebrew lesson
Great first experience with Shmuel, he made sure we started at a good level (using English when necessary) and already used a nice exercise in this lesson. Also he gives a lot of compliments and is very enthusiastic, which I find encouraging! :)
Jan 26, 2023
6 Hebrew lessons
Shmuel is a great teacher, very enthusiastic and very clear in his explanations, and my Hebrew has definitely improved thanks to him. Absolutely recommended!
Jan 26, 2023
Jenny Hammond
1 Hebrew lesson
I will definitely work with this teacher again!
Jan 22, 2023
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