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italki teacher since Apr 28, 2021
Hi! I'm Liza! I used to be a teacher in a Montessori school. Then, a year ago, the pandemic struck and I have since transitioned to teaching Tagalog online. Because of this, I have gained teaching experience in both classroom and online environments. On a personal level, I listen to all genres of music and I love to sing (but only when I'm alone). I also like playing chess, inline skating, and learning new languages. Right now, my main language goal is to reach B2 level in French.

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62 Reviews

6 Filipino (Tagalog) lessons
Aysa is the perfect teacher for me! She has a plan for the lesson, but if I get it, she will move on. If I had difficulties with something, she is prepared with more examples and she will always explain. And she gives homework, although it's not super strict if I do them, but I like it, because it gives me a review before the next class. I can also check them myself, and if I don't understand something, I can ask next class, otherwise I can check the right answers and usually I see what I did wrong. I finished my lessons for now, next week I will go to a cruise where I can practice my skills in real life. If I have time, I would love to learn more Tagalog, but I might have to prioritize other things. However, I think I will come back from time to time to learn a bit more and to review what I learned before :) Maraming salamat. Aysa!
Nov 22, 2022
6 Filipino (Tagalog) lessons
i love my lessons with Aysa! I'm learning so much each time!
Nov 22, 2022
6 Filipino (Tagalog) lessons
I had a bit of a break after the first lesson for life reasons, but we got back to the lesson very nicely. Alysa's way of explaining is very clear and I love that after a few lessons I can already make some combined and more complicated sentences. Obviously I still forget a lot of words and there's more each time, but I also pick up and remember more of them each time. For me the lessons are fun, and while in this beginner stage very structured (because I don't yet know that much), I will always try to say something I would say about my life. And if it's something we haven't learned yet, I like that Alysa tells me how to say it, but doesn't go into explanation yet, it will come, but I do get the way to say it. I feel like I'm learning a lot each lesson about how the language works, but also we practice a lot, so that it sticks, because while I usually understand quickly, the practice is very necessary or I easily forget everything.
Nov 12, 2022
6 Filipino (Tagalog) lessons
I loved my first lesson with Aysa! I feel like I learned a lot in such a short time. She will have me speaking Tagalog in no time!
Jul 21, 2022
Rebecca Edgett
1 Filipino (Tagalog) lesson
I loved my first lesson with Alysa! She is a great teacher. I am a complete beginner, but she made me feel comfortable and we had a fun lesson. I learned a lot of new tagalog! I can't wait for the next lesson.
Jul 12, 2022
11 Filipino (Tagalog) lessons
I enjoy the lessons :)
Apr 10, 2022
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