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A professional teacher from Moscow with 2500+ hours of experience
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italki teacher since May 11, 2021
Hello everyone! Меня зовут Катя and I am a certified teacher of Russian as a foreign language with more than 2000 hours of experience. I was born and raised in Moscow, and I studied Political Science as well as teaching RFL at Moscow State University. Before becoming a teacher I spent 3 years working as a journalist and editor at Vogue Russia and 6 years doing PR for museums, design galleries, documentary films and gastronomic events. I moved from Moscow to Paris earlier this year and I now live and work here. I speak fluent English and I’m currently learning how to teach RFL in French.

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226 Reviews

14 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Katya is not my first Russian teacher but she is the first teacher where I have left each lesson with a concrete, new understanding of something previously unclear. She expertly breaks down grammatical concepts in such that I feel genuinely confident in my answers. She is extremely knowledgeable and supports you with a wide range of supporting materials. I'm incredibly thankful to her and look forward to a fruitful relationship over the long term.
Nov 28, 2022
Tony Bui
118 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
I have had more than 30 lessons with Katia, and I strongly believe that I have achieved a much deeper understanding and appreciation of the Russian language. From the first lesson, we established what my goals were, and she provided an outline of what we were going to go through in the near future. Her explanations of grammatical concepts are 100% understandable, and she would provide as many examples as you require. Katia is very friendly and understanding, and I have asked her to continually fix my pronunciation, and it has drastically improved. You will definitely be speaking Russian from the first lesson, whether it be one sentence, or a few words! I've gained a lot of confidence in my ability to speak Russian, and my Russian friends have definitely picked that up! I moved up from A1->A2 with Katia, and looking back, I've achieved so much. Thank you so much!
Oct 28, 2021
Jacy Bogdanov
84 Russian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Katia is excellent, I was nervous to have a one on one lesson because speaking is intimidating for me. She was very prepared with exercises and I was learning and gaining confidence immediately, she is a skilled mentor/ teacher. Cannot wait for more lessons! Highly recommend
May 25, 2021
Stephen Haddix
89 Russian lessons
Katia patiently answered several questions I had, then we had a lesson about how to talk about religion. She patiently corrected my poor pronunciation.
Mar 23, 2023
Stephen Haddix
89 Russian lessons
Katia answered several questions that I was confused about, then we had an interesting lesson about the eighth of March while reviewing cases. Someday I will get these case endings in my head.
Mar 9, 2023
Stephen Haddix
89 Russian lessons
I was especially dumb today. Katia patiently worked with me on another gap in my knowledge of Russian. I think I made another small step towards fluency.
Mar 2, 2023
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