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Insegnante madrelingua italiano, esperto in insegnamento e test di certificazione linguistica
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italki teacher since May 5, 2021
Hello! My name is Alessio, I am a native Italian teacher and translator. I currently live in Rome, but I love traveling and I lived and worked in several places across the world. I love languages and cultures in all their aspects and teaching is my life! I consider myself a friendly, easygoing and empathetic person and I like meeting new people and facing new challenges.

Italian Lessons

Trial Lesson
16 lessons completed
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Italian for beginners
A1 -  A2


138 lessons completed
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Advanced Italian
B1 -  C1


55 lessons completed
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A1 -  C1


95 lessons completed
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CELI and CILS Italian Exam Preparation (A1 to B2)
A1 -  B2

Test Preparation

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CELI and CILS Italian Exam preparation (C1 - C2)
C1 -  C2

Test Preparation

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10 Reviews

David Z
1 Italian lesson
Teacher’s pick
A great teacher, easy to talk to, super knowledgable!
Dec 30, 2021
5 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
I was rewarded with unalloyed pleasure from meeting with Alessio for my first session today after having decided to prepare for a language examination. Alessio is, without a doubt, extremely experienced and competent in this department. He is richly girded with tips, had a wealth of materials prepared in advance, and is patently motivated to teach and help his students achieve their goals. He is also able to perceive the needs of his students and provide them with the resources they might benefit from. Apart from his professional competencies, I truly appreciated Alessio's personal qualities as well, which made me feel completely at ease and allowed for a stress-free session. I'm sure that Alessio and I will be able to elaborate a plan that will meet my needs, capitalise on my strengths and allow me to attain my objectives in an effective, efficient and pleasurable way. I look forward to my next sessions with him!
Dec 23, 2021
6 Italian lessons
Teacher’s pick
Le lezioni con Alessio sono molto interessanti e utili. Usa sempre dei materiali personalizzati che sono adatti per il mio livello. Grazie mille!
Aug 1, 2021
5 Italian lessons
Being able to spend time with and talk to Alessio is a true privilege and delight. I don't think an hour can disappear as quickly as in my lessons with Alessio! They just feel like a minute. Alessio corrects me gently and provides me with the vocabulary that I need as I practise speaking Italian. Alessio truly works perfectly with my learning style, allowing me to improve my Italian in the most pleasurable and intuitive way. Thank you, Alessio -- you're amazing!
Jan 13, 2022
5 Italian lessons
I had a wonderful session with Alessio today. Alessio showed great receptivity to my ideas regarding how I would like to proceed with improving my communication skills in Italian and was able to adapt to my cognitive style characterised by intuition and associative thought with facility. The hour went by in an instant and I was able to integrate new vocabulary and expressions into my repertoire while honing my spontaneous speaking and listening skills. Alessio listens, corrects, supports and offers interesting insights while keeping me emotionally engaged. From his extensive studies in linguistics, Alessio is deeply competent in explaining grammatical elements as well. For my first session focussed on conversation, Alessio truly made it an easy and thoroughly pleasurable experience, both on a linguistic and personal level. Thank you, Alessio! I can't wait to speak to you again soon!
Jan 4, 2022
5 Italian lessons
Alessio's warm and debonair energy and presence educe, from the recesses of one's imagination, the stirring sceneries of the sun and sea of Southern Italy pleasurably limned by Donizetti's "Il barcaiolo". Alessio was exquisitely patient and generous in the face of the technical struggles experienced on my end and delivered another lesson that left me with greater confidence in tackling the CILS C1 examination and with greater motivation to dedicate my love, attention and labours towards the Italian language.
Dec 30, 2021
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