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More than three years of experience in online teaching. Top 1% tutor in Japanese
De JapónVive en Southampton, Reino Unido (23:38 UTC+01:00)
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Profesor de italki desde 27 de May de 2020
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Hi, I am Toru. I have been teaching Japanese for over three years on italki. I really enjoy teaching Japanese and meeting my students from all over the world. I grew up in Japan but left Japan in 2016 (when I was 26 years old) and lived in Toronto (Canada) and Wellington (New Zealand). I now live in the UK and am doing my PhD in Health Sciences. I have teaching experience at universities in both Japan and England as part of my PhD training so I am good at explaining things in both Japanese and English.

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Max Gruenwald
73 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
I have taken lessons with Toru for close to three years now, and have enjoyed every moment. He is a kind and patient instructor, able to match your skill-level and adjust the lesson accordingly and with ease. It is a casual learning environment, but that is not to say you won’t be tested. Take lessons with Toru if you’d like to genuinely improve with a teacher that will cultivate a close relationship with you.
24 de feb de 2023
54 clases de Japonés
Selección del profesor
Another great session with Toru. We spoke about lots of interesting topics in Japanese and I was able to practice new grammar I had recently started studying. Toru is an excellent teacher and is always very patient with any mistakes and will always offer helpful ways to say things more naturally. Thank you again for another enjoyable lesson!
10 de sep de 2020
1 clase de Japonés
thank you
17 de sep de 2023
Hugo Nelson Paredes
1 clase de Japonés
He is a really gentle sensei that has patience and is very supportive of your progression and learning rate.
13 de jul de 2023
9 clases de Japonés
very friendly and easygoing! thank you
11 de jul de 2023
12 clases de Japonés
My casual conversation lessons with Toru are great! Each lesson feels very natural and conversations veer to different topics each time. He makes every moment of the conversation very smooth and natural, while at the same time, provides vocabulary or more Japanese sounding ways of saying it (instead of transliteration) in a way that keeps the flow of conversation going. Toru is very energetic, supportive, and attentive. I always feel energized and motivated after the lesson! Toru is fluent in English, and while convos are 95% in Japanese we are able to quickly switch to English for any tricky thought or phrases, which he then restates in Japanese. If you are looking for a Japanese tutor, I highly recommend Toru! トルさんはいつも優しくて思いやりのあります。いつもお世話になっております。
7 de jul de 2023
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