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I help you reach your goals in Basque or Spanish 💪 // Teacher & Communicator
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NEW SUMMER COURSES AND POLICY ‼️ Your Gorbeialdea based Basque! I graduate in Translation and Interpreting from the University of the Basque Country and studied for a year in the Moscow State University. During those years I worked both as a teacher and conversation assistant. I've found in teaching a way not only to connect with other people and guide them, but also share the love for my culture with them and try to make them as passionate about it as I am.

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59 clases de Euskera
Selección del profesor
I've had 20 lessons with Rodrigo now, and my Basque has improved so much. I have mostly Rodrigo to thank for that. His style of teaching really works for me: we do grammar at this point, but he introduces the concept and then it's all about me using the grammar and telling him things. So I need to make full sentences, which works for me much better than doing grammar drills. He will make you talk and you will learn to understand, although he doesn't keep you guessing words you don't know (which is important for me). If you want to learn Basque, I would recommend having Rodrigo as your teacher!
16 de nov de 2020
2 clases de Español
Selección del profesor
Огромное спасибо за урок, мне всё очень понравилось. Преподаватель очень позитивный и общительный, задания тоже отличные (не думала, что смогу сразу перевести целый диалог с помощью контекста). Спасибо 😊
25 de ago de 2020
59 clases de Euskera
Selección del profesor
I've now had 10 lessons with Rodrigo and my Basque has improved a lot and I think it's mostly due my lessons with him. We have a topic for the class and I get homework (he's not very strict about it though), and the homework is always super useful: mainly I get a writing assignment about the topic of the class. Making my own sentences makes the stuff sink in and makes me remember them better. We don't do much grammar, but mainly when it comes up and with a lot of examples. I find I'm learning a lot of practical Basque and we always chat in the beginning of the class, so there's some "free-form" practice too. I can highly recommend Rodrigo, especially if you are more into learning practical language and don't like grammar (you get the grammar, but you don't even notice!). Rodrigo is one of my favorite teachers in iTalki and I always enjoy our lessons. I get so much out of my lessons and in a few months I already can have conversations in Basque!
14 de jul de 2020
David Fernández
4 clases de Euskera
Una muy buena conversación en la que hemos practicado los asuntos de gramática. que al principio de clase le he explicitado. Muy flexible y abierto. Buena calidad de clase.
27 de oct de 2023
Vladislav Rannaeere
20 clases de Español
Mucho grasias para bien, conversacion Hasta pronto amigo
26 de oct de 2023
Vladislav Rannaeere
20 clases de Español
Despues mucho dias tener mui bien clase con Rodrigo mucho grasias
16 de oct de 2023
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