The extinction of a language can lead to the loss of valuable knowledge. We’ve collected some of your brilliant ideas to save a language from extinction. Don’t hesitate to join our #EndangeredLanguages event! Every thought counts. You can still contribute to this event and have a chance to win $10 italki credits! 📃 Rules of the event #EndangeredLanguages
2 juin 2022 03:33
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I shall be posting today, please take a look at my post(s)! :)
3 juin 2022
Not sure if a non-native English speaker made this post, but "Every thinking counts." is definitely not correct. You must use "thought" there. :)
3 juin 2022
Very true !
3 juin 2022
Hello, I would like to suggest adding Hunsrik to the list of languages taught on Italki. I myself speak this language, am willing to teach it and l also know other teachers on Italki willing to teach this language. Hunsrik is an official language in Brazil spoken mostly in the south of the country and also in Argentina and Paraguay. A few years ago, I sent you guys this request more than once, but maybe because of how I mentioned the language, the request was not very successful. Hunsrik is not just a German dialect, it is an official language with its own writing system and very different from German (Hochdeutsch). It is so different that people in Germany cannot always understand what Hunsrik speakers say. In my family, we speak this language and I teach this language outside of Italki. It is a language that arrived here in South America in 1823 brought by German immigrants and that is still widely spoken here. But, since the language is not listed on the website, it's impossible for students to find teachers who teach it and other speakers of the language. Some are afraid that this beautiful language will disappear in the future and a lot of effort has been put to preserve the language. I think it would be great if Italki could be part of this incredible story. This would be great for you guys, for me and other teachers who teach Hunsrik, and for those learning the language. Here you have some information about the language. And I am also willing to provide you with more information if necessary. Please consider adding Hunsrik to the list of languages on Italki. Looking forward to hearing from you,
1 août 2022
i want to start teaching how do i go about it ?
4 juin 2022
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