How do you say "Good evening!" in your country?

In Hungary, because I'm Hungarian, we say: "Jó estét!" I'm very curious how do you say this sentence in your language! :)

14 sept. 2015 19:47
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in Philippines: Magandang Gabi

18 septembre 2015

Ejjj, Niki nagyon tud. :'D En is ^_^

15 septembre 2015
How did a discussion from four years ago get resurrected (when the OP hasn’t even logged on in four years)? In the English forum, no less? It boggles the mind.

23 octobre 2019

Okay, I'm from Indonesia.

In Bahasa, Good evening mean: Selamat Malam,


But That's quite tricky, Let's me explain with time table:


Good Morning:
Selamat Pagi: 06.00 A.M. - 11.59 A.M.


Good Afternoon:

Selamat Siang: 12.00 A.M. - 14.59 A.M.
Selamat Sore: 15.00 P.M - 17.59 P.M.


Good Evening:

Selamat Malam: 18.00 P.M - Midnight.


Good Night:
(In English, if you want to go to sleep or to say goodbye, but in Bahasa we still use the same greeting. “SELAMAT MALAM” )

Selamat Malam: 18.00 P.M - Midnight.


29 octobre 2015


29 octobre 2015
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