Sammy Sammy
There is a saying that I live by, which is “Each language is a piece of a puzzle that we need in order to determine how language works in the mind. With each missing piece, we are further from seeing the full picture.” The reason I stand firmly with that saying Is because I believe that each and every language deserves to be protected despite it being known as common or uncommon. We lose a lot as a global nation if we allow languages to die out just because they’re not common. We miss out on a chance to explore more because I believe that languages carry a wealth of knowledge even when they’re are not common, there’s a reason why those languages existed in the first place and if it was not essential they would have ever existed in the first place. They’re always a majority of ways to save dying languages, all that is needed are people who are interested in putting the effort needed to preserve these dying languages.
25 mai 2022 16:55
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Well said. 💯
28 mai 2022
Exactly! Finding ways to preserve languages and learn from them is vital to understanding the past as well as for guiding us as smarter beings into the future.
9 juin 2022
This is very true, Sammy. This is why language documentation, field linguistics, and language reclamation/advocacy are so important.
23 août 2022