I am an Australian of English heritage, I can only speak English though I’m learning Korean and Auslan. Australia once had at least 250 native languages spoken and about 600 dialects.In 2014 there were estimated to be 120 languages and dialects still spoken and 100 of them were considered critically endangered and only 13 were considered strong. This situation came about through the government and church endorsed stealing of children and the prohibition of spoken native language in homes and schools by the governmental and religious proponents of cultural genocide. Today there is some pushback and a thirst among First Nation peoples to keep the remaining languages alive. Many have only a few elderly speakers and even the stronger ones still face a lack of government support that would see them taught as curriculum and used in government schools, even in areas where those languages are still in current use. The aboriginal people of Australia have suffered terribly at the hands of the English invaders and to have no choice but to speak English must be a bitter pill to swallow
25 mai 2022 12:16
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The history of the Americas is basically the same: English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French basically completely wiped out the native languages across the Americas. There are some modern movements (at least in the US, I do not know about other countries in the Americas) to revitalize these languages, with immersion programs for some native languages like Cherokee and Navajo being established in primary schools in areas where these nationalities tend to live. It's quite interesting, I hope that they are able to ensure the survival of these languages - unfortunately there are all too many native languages here that are already completely extinct.
11 juin 2022
Hi Jane. Unfortunately those kind of actions are made too many damage in different places worldwide. Our countries who speaks Spanish in Latin America has suffered exactly the same in the past. Even Brazil with Portugal’s crowns. But we need to accept history. Move on and do our job in order to keep our languages flying high. Regards.
11 juin 2022
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9 juin 2022
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10 juin 2022
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18 juillet 2022
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