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De ItalieLieu de résidence : Bari, Italie (09:10 UTC+02:00)
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Ciao, sono Valerio e sono nato e vivo a Bari, nella mia amata Puglia. Sono uno studente di Medicina e Chirurgia e appassionato di musica. Suono la chitarra e insegno musica in una scuola dell'infanzia, oltre a tenere corsi di chitarra per i più grandi. Sono molto curioso, mi piace leggere, la letteratura latinoamericana (il mio scrittore preferito è Gabriel García Márquez), ascoltare musica (adoro blues, soul, rock) e sono sempre stato affascinato dalle lingue. Oltre l'italiano parlo inglese e spagnolo e sto cercando di imparare il tedesco e rispolverare il francese studiato alle scuole medie.

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112 avis

Élève MacKayAlistair
46 leçons en Italien
Choix du professeur
We always have a wonderful conversation about interesting topics. Valerio is very attentive to what I like to learn about Italy.
12 déc. 2023
Élève Jerry
49 leçons en Italien
Choix du professeur
I'm writing this in English for those who are looking for an Italian teacher, who will stay at your pace and help you kindly, patiently. Valerio is a calming influence and puts me at ease every week, so that speaking and listening in Italian feel real and engaging. His gentle personality creates an atmosphere of comfort in which my self-criticism (as with repetitive errors I think I should not be making anymore, and do) is kept to a minimum. He takes an interest in the details of my days, curious to ask this or that, and shares openly anything that relates to his own experiences. I appreciate and enjoy being with him. I admire his own aspirations, and this generates more conversation. In addition, Valerio keeps a tally things to teach me, and for me to practice offline, offering texts that relate to the errors I make. Frankly, I encourage you to schedule a chat with him.
26 juin 2022
Élève Diana
98 leçons en Italien
Choix du professeur
Valerio really knows how to engage the learner. He uses the natural gifts of the student as a means of improving competency in Italian. Looking forward to our next lesson!
11 févr. 2022
Élève Mark Mittle
Mark Mittle
8 leçons en Italien
Today, he was especially patience with me. He is a great teacher
2 avr. 2024
Élève Deirdre Love
Deirdre Love
6 leçons en Italien
I really enjoy my lessons with Valerio. He explains so much and really provides examples and is very patient. I'm looking forward to more lessons!
28 janv. 2024
Élève MacKayAlistair
46 leçons en Italien
Very interesting conversation about interesting topics!
11 janv. 2024
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