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Belle / ベル

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TOP1% Japanese teacher in 2022☆彡Be your best Japanese language partner for u :3
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Professeur italki depuis le 16 Feb 2022
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私(わたし)は日本(にほん)生(う)まれ日本(にほん)育(そだ)ちで、日本語(にほんご)を話(はな)します。 高校生(こうこうせい)のときにオーストラリアに交換留学(こうかんりゅうがく)していました。 大学(だいがく)ではカナダに留学(りゅうがく)していました。 スペイン語(ご)と韓国語(かんこくご)も少(すこ)し勉強(べんきょう)していました。 趣味(しゅみ)は旅行(りょこう)です。(^▽^)/ 休日(きゅうじつ)はスポーツ(すぽーつ)をしたりもします。 Let me introduce myself first! I was born and raised in Japan, speak Japanese and English. When I was high school student, I studied abroad as exchange student in Australia. I was a college international student in Canada as well. Additionally, i studied Spanish and Korean couple years ago, still have passion for learning them again:P My hobbies is traveling overseas:)) I love to play sports and work out on weekends~

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155 avis

Élève Chris
66 leçons en Japonais
Choix du professeur
Suzu is a fantastic mentor, she is a great friend, and is overall an interesting person with her travel stories and life antics. Today, she demonstrated her commitment to her students by giving them lessons on her Birthday! すずさん、お誕生日おめでとうございます!!🎉🎁 If that isn't commitment, then I don't know what is! In general, Japan-glish sessions (70/30 split) with her allows me to continuously learn new vocabulary - words and phrases which I would likely encounter with any native Japanese speaker - which further improves my overall speaking skills. With my upcoming trip to Japan (my second time going there) I'm ready to face my biggest challenge yet of accumulating as Few (yes few) "日本語上手" as I can. Suzu is a teacher I would recommend to anyone, so if you can get a session with her, I'm confident you won't be disappointed.
15 janv. 2024
Élève Hakeem Dimozantos
Hakeem Dimozantos
23 leçons en Japonais
Choix du professeur
Was a fun lesson, Suzu is easy to talk to and despite my extremely broken Japanese and nervousness she was able to understand. I recommend her to everyone!
11 janv. 2023
Élève Armando
72 leçons en Japonais
Choix du professeur
I had a conversation lesson with Suzu. She was very fun to chat with. I will definitely book her for more lessons in the future.
26 août 2022
Élève Chris
66 leçons en Japonais
It's always a pleasure having a catch-up with Belle. Sessions are helpful, useful, and fun!
4 juin 2024
Élève Hendra Djohan
Hendra Djohan
2 leçons en Japonais
22 avr. 2024
Élève emile
1 leçon en Japonais
✨️✨️🌏 ✨️すずさん
7 mars 2024
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