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French teacher as a foreign language certified by Alliance Française 4 years of experience
De FranceLieu de résidence : Nice, France (10:11 UTC-07:00)
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Professeur italki depuis le 8 Apr 2022
Sujets d'intérêtVoyagesArtFilms
Hi everyone ! My name is Virginie, I'm a native french speaker and I live in the south of France. I'm an actress and a drama teacher for more than 20 years and now I'm a certified french teacher as a foreign language. I love litterature and arts in general. I'm keen on nature and travelling. I've been travelling in Europe, Africa and South East Asia where I lived for more than a year in Laos. I'm a very curious person and eager to learn from others ( especially my students ! ) Meeting new people and discovering new cultures has been the best thing in my life so far ! Welcome to my class !

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15 lessons completed
USD 17.00+
General French - Beginner and Elemantary
A1 -  A2


69 lessons completed
USD 35.00+
General French - Intermediate
B1 -  B2


108 lessons completed
USD 35.00+
General French - Advanced
C1 -  C2


11 lessons completed
USD 35.00+
French for Kids - Min. age of 7 years old
A1 -  B2


90 lessons completed
USD 19.00+
French of Tourism / Hospitality - Tailor-made class
B1 -  C2


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20 avis

Jonathan Smith
8 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
Virginie is a great teacher! She is always extremely well prepared and focused on my needs and learning goals. The fact that she is a professional teacher comes through in every lesson. I highly recommend her!
3 mars 2023
David Tsang
25 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
I have now had a number of lessons with Virginie. She is extremely patient. I have highlighted a number of areas where I feel my major weaknesses lie and she is helping me to address these.
22 déc. 2022
17 leçons en Français
Choix du professeur
What a beautiful first lesson. Virginie is the perfect person if you want want to learn, not only French, but about being France, and being French. In all of my years of school, I Have never been in front of someone who carries Herself with such a knowledge about the subject and she never, ever, stop smiling. I not only recommend Her, Virginie is what this platform intendeds; a Cultural and Language Connection between two individuals. Thank you for your time. J.-
6 août 2022
Andrea Breslin
26 leçons en Français
Virginé, c’est une prof de français formidable ! I really enjoy my classes with her. She always brings interesting content to work on and is always so well prepared. I feel at ease speaking with her.
18 mars 2023
17 leçons en Français
Mme Virginie m'a aidé avec mon français. 120 %. Elle dépasse toutes mes attentes-- Professionnel: Ponctuel, explique des exemples clairs et réels-- Je la recommande à tous les étudiants qui sont sérieux au sujet de la langue française.
26 nov. 2022
16 leçons en Français
Virginie is a supportive and patient teacher. She is always prepared and structures the lessons at the right level. There is always time for interesting conversation too. A great teacher....thankyou Virginie!
29 sept. 2022
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